What Will You Gift Your Pregnant Sister This Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is knocking at the door! During this festival, as an elder or younger brother, you promise to protect your elder or younger sister against all odds. This is a festival when the bond between a brother and sister strengthens and this beautiful relationship of brotherly and sisterly love, care, and protection begins with the sister tying a sacred thread on the brother’s wrist.

However, this Raksha Bandhan turns out to be very special for you as a brother. Your sister is going to become a mother and you- the uncle. Feeling, “Wow!” Isn’t it?

As a brother, you’ve always looked for something very unique for your sister. But, this is going to turn out to be a magical and memorable moment both for you and your pregnant sister, so you also need to plan a rakhi gift that shows your emotion for your pregnant sister and the would-be-baby.

So, if you’ve been planning a list of some of the best gift items for your pregnant sister on a sheet of paper and striking them out, here’s a list curated for you:

Pregnancy Safe Beauty and Bath Products 

Since you’re observing your pregnant sister closely, you understand that pregnancy comes with several challenges. Besides feeling morning sickness, fatigued, and experiencing pregnancy swelling, she might face certain challenges with her skin too. Her skin may be dried, pimpled, or blemished, or may have dark spots (Melasma) here and there. It is always better that you choose natural products as a Raksha Bandhan gift for your pregnant sister to keep her pregnancy skin problems at bay. But, choosing a combination of pregnancy-safe body butter, face scrub, lip balm, etc. is the best rakhi gift idea to keep your sister’s pregnancy skin soft and moist.  

Pregnancy Pillow

Insomnia is common in pregnancy, and in the last few months, you must have heard your sister complaining about feeling sleep-deprived as her belly has expanded and the baby bump is making her feel uncomfortable in bed. Moreover, frequent bathroom visits during the night – time increases the risk of sleep deprivation. To deal with pregnancy insomnia, gifting a comfy maternity pillow would be a great gift on Raksha Bandhan. Moreover, during pregnancy, it is essential that she lies on her side. Gifting her a pregnancy pillow will not just support her belly, but will also help her reduce her back and hip strain due to the weight.

A Few Amazing Maternity Wears

As you watched your sister grow up, you’ve also seen her changing her sense of dressing according to the changing trends and fashion. But, during her pregnancy, with every passing trimester, gifting her maternity wear would be a very good idea. For summers she will just love those flowy or maxi dresses or gowns, flowy skirts, loose shirt dresses, etc., which will do wonders for her. However, during winter, maternity hoodies or jackets for winters would make her look absolutely stunning.

How ‘bout a Piece of Personalised Jewellery

Women and jewellery go hand-in-hand. Maybe you could gift the mommy-to-be with a necklace or bracelet with her initials engraved on it. You can alternately add a nice message to it, expressing your feelings for her and the would-be-baby.

Gift Her a Pregnancy Journal

The nine months is quite long. Gifting her with a pregnancy journal would be the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift idea. In the journal, she can mention all her thoughts about her pregnancy and the baby growing inside her. She can alternatively add the ultrasound scans on the pages. This will be her memory after she has given birth to the baby.

Gift Her Baby-essentials

Starting from the onesies and rompers to mittens, diapers and booties, gift her with the baby essentials so that, she feels less troubled when she holds the newborn in her arms. A basket full of baby-proofing necessities like rugs, and cabinet locks would also be a great idea.

Share the Idea of Cord Blood Banking  

Before becoming a mother, your sister might have to keep several things in mind starting from planning the nursery for the would-be baby to deciding on the baby’s name. Your sister must have heard a little about cord blood banking. Instil the thought in her.

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Talk to her that by storing her baby’s precious cord blood at the time of birth, would save her and the rest of the family from over 80 life-threatening diseases like cancer, sickle cell anaemia, etc.

Happy Raksha Bandhan! Happy pregnancy to your sister!