Plan Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Your Friend

Just a few months ago Smriti’s mother called you up to tell you that she’s pregnant. A few days ago, you received a card at your doorstep. OMG! It’s Smriti’s baby shower. With the baby shower comes friends as well as family members, lots of love, care, pampering and gifts.

Gifts…??!!! Yes! Now you must be wondering what gift to give to your best friend. Mmmm…!!! With so many things on your mind, you must be in a fix. Don’t worry! We have curated a list of baby shower gift ideas for you.

Gift Her Something Soothing to Hear

This sounds like one of the unique gifts for the mom–to–be. Music has an essential role to play during pregnancy. Listening to music can keep the pregnant mother pepped up. She can even have a positive influence on the baby (when the music reaches your baby in your womb, it will help in your baby’s positive brain development), while he or she is cuddled up inside the womb. Additionally, insomnia is common during your pregnancy. Some light music to your pregnant friend’s ears can lull her to sleep.

Give Her Baby–proofing Essentials

Every would-be-mummy would always think of keeping her baby safe once he or she’s home – sooner or later. After all, by 6 or 7 months of the baby’s life, he or she will be crawling and start exploring every corner of the house. Therefore, a basket full baby – proofing necessities like furniture mounts, cabinet locks, rugs, and many more would be an amazing baby shower gift ideas for your friend.

A Complete Diaper Bag

Once she becomes a new mom, the stylish and colourful options of a diaper bag will help her in every possible way. After all, within a few months of the baby’s arrival, he or she will be busy soiling your friend’s lap and the bed. Multiple pads in a pack will help her and her little one in the initial days.

Give Her a Baby Carrier

This is a must! If your friend and her partner love travelling, or both of them are working, gifting them with a baby carrier can prove to be a blessing. Both your friend and her partner can enjoy new parenthood with their baby on the page. 

Give Her Parenting Books

Just like pregnancy, parenting is also a very big challenge. Discuss with other new parents, about the concerns that they have, and select various interesting and fun parenting books. The books could be on how new parents can spend their time with their kids as well as some facts on being new parents.

Give Her a Rocking Chair

A rocking chair can be an easy and comfy baby shower’s best gift option for the new mommy. Sitting on the rocking chair with the little one and breastfeeding him or her or just cuddling him or she can strengthen the bond between the new mom and the child.

A Combo of Postpartum Skin Care Products

During pregnancy, the skin will undergo a lot of changes. There will be dark spots, blemishes, stretch marks, and more. Such skin problems last even after giving birth to the baby. Therefore, giving a combo of face wash, lip scrub, and balm can help the skin, after the delivery,  become soft, moisturised, and glowing.

Share the Knowledge of Cord Blood Banking

Before the delivery of the baby, there are many things that a pregnant mother needs to keep in mind – starting from planning the baby’s nursery to planning the baby’s name as well as clothes. Tell your friend that she and her partner can include cord blood banking in their birth plan. Tell her about the idea and the benefits of cord blood banking so that she gets ready to make the most informed decision about cord blood banking.