Empowering Tomorrow’s Health: Cordlife India’s State-of-the-Art Lab Commitment

Cordlife started as a pioneer in private cord blood banks more than 20 years ago at Singapore, in May 2001. Since its inception, it evolved as one of the largest networks of cord blood banks in the Asia-Pacific.  Cordlife caters to the needs of the mother and child and focuses on the health and well-being of both.

Trusted by millions of parents, Cordlife takes immense pride in securing your baby’s cord blood. We have also gradually developed as a premium and reliable name in cord blood banking in India, operating in nearly 210 cities across the Indian subcontinent.

Recognition from many national and international bodies in the form of Accreditation from AABB (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies), and certification by the College of American Pathologists, and the World Health Organisation (AABB, CAP, and WHO) is proof that we, Cordlife is an organisation “Par Excellence.” We have in-depth knowledge of stem cell banking, and we are striving towards empowering tomorrow’s health everywhere and every time, with our state-of-the-art laboratory and cryopreservation facility.  

The service of excellence begins with cord blood collection and ends with providing complete protection to the baby and his or her entire family for over 80 life-threatening diseases.  

Cordlife Provides an Advanced and Eco-Friendly Cord Blood Collection Kit Box  

Your baby’s cord blood is extremely precious, and Cordlife understands its sample the best!  So, as an expectant parent, once you’ve decided to store your baby’s cord blood and have informed Cordlife about the delivery of the baby (either vaginally or via an emergency C – section), Cordlife provides you with a cord blood collection kit box.  The cord blood is collected in this kit box, and it is sent to the lab for processing and stem cell cryopreservation.  

Cordlife is the only company that has a box-in-box concept. As per this concept, the maternal and umbilical cord blood samples are packed separately in separate compartments of boxes inside the kit box. The boxes are air-sealed, in a contamination or germ-free environment. The blood samples collected in these boxes are kept under a controlled, cool, and acceptable range of temperatures, are different from the others.

Cordlife Believes in Harvesting the Highest Number of Quality Cord Blood Stem Cells

Cordlife cares and doesn’t leave anything to chance, as we know and understand that cord blood banking is once-in-a-lifetime chance both for you as well as your baby. Therefore, both the maternal and the cord blood samples are collected separately and sent to the biologically clean, safe, and state-of-the-art lab for processing as well as testing.

As far as the screening of the maternal blood is concerned, the blood samples are tested separately for the presence of protozoa and viruses in them. Cordlife uses Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immuno-assay (CMIA) and Nucleic Acid Amplication Techniques (NAAT) RT PCR, for this purpose.

The cord blood then goes for processing, and Cordlife is the only company in India that uses the most advanced stem cell processing technology – AXP® II, (Auto Express Platform). AXP® II is an FDA-approved, universally cGMP and cGTP-compliant, and additive-free processing unit that harvests or recovers upto 99.8% live and potent haematopoietic and progenitor fraction of Mono Nucleated Cells MNC and CD34 stem cells from the umbilical cord blood. The Haematopoietic stem cells and Progenitor stem cells from the umbilical cord blood are the appropriate cells for transplant and stem cell therapy, and Cordlife is the only institution in India that provides them, with higher efficiency, viability, and potency.

Selective harvesting of the stem cells means successful stem cell transplant, whenever there is a medical emergency in the family.

That’s not all!

After the cord blood stem cells are processed, the final product is also screened for better storage and better transplantation outcomes. They are screened for the presence of bacteria and fungi then ABO blood grouping and RhD typing is done.

Cordlife Offers Total Stem Cell Banking Solution   

If cord blood collection for cord blood banking is the only chance, cryopreservation of cord blood is what Cordlife has to offer. Since we follow a private cord blood banking method, you, as new parents will have to pay nominal charges for banking your baby’s cord blood for future medical emergencies. We are a premium and prime institution that ensures absolute authoritative control over your baby’s stem cells by storing them in the best-designed cryogenic storage tanks. We prepare the cord blood stem cells in a way that the quality does not diminish over time.

How? The cord blood sample units are mixed with cryoprotectants and stored in vapour phase of liquid nitrogen in the cryogenic storage tanks to prevent the stem cells from being damaged. And the stem cells are stored under -1960 C for 21 years or more. Maybe for a lifetime. After all, your baby’s Cord Blood remains as your family’s property, until it is used by you.

Cordlife Provides Financial Assistance up to Rs. 25 Lakhs

These days health of your family members seems to be a huge concern, and the expenses that come along with it are also high. To ease your financial burden, we ensure that you get financial coverage for you as well as your loved ones. Cordlife, hence, offers a financial assistance up to Rs. 25 lakhs for cord blood stem cell therapy backed up by an international insurer – AIA – both for approved treatment and approved clinical trials. 

Cordlife Provides a Total Transportation Facility for the Stem Cells 

When your baby’s stem cells are required for stem cell therapy, Cordlife takes the entire responsibility to transport the cord blood sample unit in good condition to the transplantation center. In cases of any damage to the stem cells at the time of transportation, Cordlife responsibly provides an alternate matching sample (at no additional cost) or compensation of Rs. 20 lakhs within 14 days. Cordlife is not just a cord blood bank, we are a premium brand with the aim of empowering tomorrow’s health,  by trying to remain in the forefront of science.