6 Problems to watch out for during pregnancy

Back pain

A growing foetus will cause back pain, but so will slouching, not getting enough exercise and hormonal changes.

Breech presentation

The foetus may be positioned bottom-down in the uterus, and should right itself to a head-down position by 36 weeks. If it doesn't, doctors may perform a C-section to get the baby out at term.


Some women experience symptoms of depression during pregnancy. They will feel anxious, frustrated, unable to eat or focus, be tearful all the time and even experience suicidal impulses.


It causes high blood pressure, swelling in the extremeties and excess protein in urine. Poor nutrition, high body fat and genetic factors are some causes of this condition.

Being overweight

A raised BMI before pregnancy may cause complications, such as gestational diabetes and premature labour.

Vaginal discharge

The amount of vaginal discharge increases as each day passes, but tell your doctor if the discharge is coloured, smells foul or causes itching and soreness.

Pregnancy Problems
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