Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy: Warning Signs and Treatment Methods

Healthy vaginal discharge during pregnancy is thin, clear, or milky white. It also has a mild smell. Due to the fluctuating hormones and the progression of the pregnancy, this kind of fluid discharge is quite normal. It is also known as leucorrhoea. But what if you noticed a yellow discharge?

What Does Yellow Discharge In Pregnancy Mean and How Does It Occur?

Well! With the progression of the pregnancy and pregnancy hormones, you might notice a clear, pale yellow, and watery discharge coupled with a sweet smell. This would indicate signs of infection like:

Yeast Infection

This is the result of fluctuating pregnancy hormones and the disruption of the pH balance in the vagina. Vaginal itching and swelling as well as yellow discharge, which looks like cottage cheese is a common symptom of pregnancy yeast infection during pregnancy. Yeast infection may be risky for you at this time. Using anti-fungal pills or vaginal creams can be a method of treatment for yeast infections.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

This is the result of an imbalance of the bacteria that live inside the vagina. The imbalance allows unhealthy bacteria to overgrow while healthy bacteria are depleted3. Well! BV during pregnancy may be asymptomatic but, if you have symptoms, they may include itching, a burning sensation while urinating and thin white and yellow discharge. According to CDC if you are pregnant with BV, there might be chances of preterm labour, premature delivery, low birth weight and other complications.


This is a common infection during pregnancy that occurs through the rectum, throat, and genitals giving rise to yellow discharge. During childbirth, gonorrhoea may pass to your baby, increasing the risk of low birth weight, premature birth, miscarriage, etc.


This again takes place as a result of unprotected sexual contact through the mouth, rectum, urethra, and other reproductive organs. Going deeper, chlamydia during pregnancy may cause a burning sensation, rectal pain, and bleeding as well as yellow discharge. An untreated chlamydia may not be very healthy for you and your baby during your pregnancy.

Leaking of The Amniotic Fluid

If somehow, you are still far away from your due date, the yellow vaginal discharge would indicate the leaking of the amniotic fluid prematurely. On contrary, if there is a thin, watery and yellowish discharge by the time you are close to your due date, it may indicate that your water has broken

Is There a Way To Treat Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy? 

Although yellow discharge during pregnancy is quite normal and you must pay attention to it, when you find the discharge to be darker yellow, foul-smelling, and lumpy it could also lead to pregnancy complications. Therefore, it is essential to take the advice of your healthcare professional. Your doctor may either help you out with tablets, creams, and ointments or give you some home remedies like:

  • Wear panty liners to keep yourself dry.
  • Wipe your vaginal area from back to front.
  • Try to avoid hot water baths as well as douching.
  • Wear cotton and clean panties.
  • Even if you feel the itch in your vagina before a yellow discharge, try not to scratch.
  • Avoid stress by practising yoga and meditation at this moment.
  • Reduce your water intake.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly full of challenges, accept the challenges and find out the solutions to make way for a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. Besides this, if there is anything more that you may want to know about pregnancy, postpartum, baby care, and cord blood banking, follow our blog page.