Consuming Fenugreek Seeds In Pregnancy: Benefits and Side Effects

Are you becoming a mother for the first time? You may be getting suggestions on what to have and what not to have during this time. After all, whatever you eat will directly affect the child in your womb. Apart from having healthy food in your pregnancy diet, adding herbs to your food can be beneficial to you too. Out of all the herbs, you might add to your food during pregnancy. You might want to know whether you can include fenugreek seeds in your pregnancy diet.

Are Fenugreek Seeds Good During Your Pregnancy?

Well! The answer right of the hat is “yes.” Going deeper, as a pregnant woman, you would be able to understand how good is fenugreek seeds for you. Therefore, the benefits of consuming fenugreek seeds during pregnancy are:

Fenugreek Seeds Can Make Your Food Tasty

You can have a lovely curry, some stir-fried veggies, and some healthy salad with methi leaves. A flavourful methi paratha isn’t a bad option for you at all during your breakfast or lunch. That’s not all!

Battles Gestational Diabetes Naturally

Insulin resistance during the later stage of pregnancy is common. It can give rise to gestational diabetes. Consuming fenugreek seeds which are high in fibre can help in slowing down your digestion process and absorbing carbohydrates, thus reducing blood sugar.

Boosts The Breast Milk Supply

As per scientific studies, if you have moderately fenugreek seeds during your pregnancy journey, you might have improved breastmilk production, after you have delivered your baby.

Helps In Inducing Labour and Managing Labour Pain

Prolonged labour may take a toll both on your mind and body. After all, the labour pain is not bearable. But, the labour pain is also inevitable when you are about to deliver your baby. Well! There are several natural ways by which you can induce labour contractions and reduce labour pain. Eating fenugreek seeds is just one of them. You can even try out some tea by adding fenugreek seeds to it when you are in labour. By doing so, the oxytocin hormones present in the seeds promote uterine contractions. The same potency of the fenugreek seeds can fasten the childbirth process too.

Keeps Your Baby Nourished Inside The Womb

Since fenugreek seeds are rich in nutrients like protein, fibre, fat, calcium, zinc, folates, vitamins, etc, having them throughout your pregnancy can keep your little one nourished inside you. The presence of folate in the seeds can also help you in your baby’s brain development and prevent your baby from birth defects.

Nevertheless, consuming more than 100g of fenugreek seeds per day may be a little risky both for you and your baby before the 37th or 38th week of your pregnancy. You might develop the chances of miscarriage, digestive problems, allergies, the smell in the urine, and swelling. Consult your healthcare provider about including fenugreek seeds in your pregnancy diet. Have them in moderation. Have them after the 38 weeks to keep yourself and your baby inside you healthy till such time that you deliver a sweet, cuddly, and healthy baby.

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