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Week By Week Development Of Body In Your Pregnancy II

We all know that there are 40 weeks of pregnancy and in this period of time a lot of changes occurs in the body of the pregnant woman. In our previous blog we had already described about the alterations of week 1 – 15. Here you will get to know about the transformations of the consecutive weeks.

Week 16 – Week 20

At this time, the baby bump is shown clearly. You will be gaining weight as the baby inside you is growing. But don’t get upset and happily the new shape of your body. You might feel like difficulty in breathing as the mucous membranes of your nose get swell due to the increased blood flow. Hormones of pregnancy cause stretching of veins which might cause varicose veins. You may also get some cramps in the legs. So do leg exercises for providing relaxation to the leg muscles. Tyr to avoid lying on your back as it may cause dizziness due to lowering of blood pressure. Your gums might bleed sometimes due to increase in blood flow so you must use a soft toothbrush. There will be increase in the vaginal discharge to reduce the chances of infections.

Week 21 – Week 25

This is the time when your baby is gaining fat and your uterus starts to extend above the navel. You won’t get any trouble from the morning sickness as it will disappear completely. But you may still get foot and leg cramps also you might see mild swelling in the ankles or feet. Up to this time you might have already gained approximately 12- 15 pounds of weight. The vaginal secretion increases with yellowish color and slight smell. The obstetrician will test for your gestational diabetes. As the uterus is growing, it may get bigger on the sides of abdomen. It may lead to hemorrhoids heartburn, indigestion and constipation.

Week 26 – Week 30

You can feel the continuous movements of the baby. As the baby pushes upward on the rib cage you might feel some pain. You can feel stretches in the abdomen. It will cause stretch marks in the abdomen as the uterus expands. The mobility of your body will decrease due to gaining of weight. You will be experiencing difficulty in sleeping, abdominal pain, clumsiness and leg cramps. During the end of 29 week you started to see the signs of labour such as menstrual like cramps and discharge of little bit of amniotic fluid. Towards week 30 you will feel pain in the ribs as well the abdomen.

Throughout this whole period remain very careful so that both of you and your baby stay safe. The reason is this is the vital time of your whole pregnancy where your baby grows. After week 30 it’s the time when you will get your baby delivered at any time. So for knowing about the upcoming weeks of pregnancy, just stay patient and we will provide you with some more facts.

Week by Week Development of Body in your Pregnancy II
Week by Week Development of Body in your Pregnancy III

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