The Secret to Looking Younger – Stem Cells?

Unlike other organs in the body, the skin is the most visible part. As we grow older, blemishes, white lines, wrinkles, etc., become more common and prominent due to the wear and tear of the body. Let’s face it, we all have tried to cover up these marks with make-up or tried home remedies like sandalwood paste, rose water and whatnot to get rid of them. Other than these skin problems, stretch marks are also a common complaint, especially amongst pregnant women. Most new moms seek the help of topical ointments and creams to reduce the marks. However, they seldom go away completely. 

Why Do These Spots, Marks, and Lines Appear on the Skin?

Well, it is the role of adult stem cells to maintain healthy skin by self-regenerating regularly. However, as we age, the number of stem cells in our body reduces, and so does their effectiveness. Add to that external factors like UV damage, environmental toxins, pollution, etc., that speed up the skin’s natural ageing process. Skin loses elastin, collagen, and keratin, which is necessary to maintain its youthfulness. The stem cells are unable to repair these damages as rapidly as they occur. Hence, the signs of ageing start appearing on our faces sooner rather than later.

What Treatment is Most Effective?

Several treatments promise to restore your skin’s youth magically. These range from non-invasive to invasive procedures. Here are a few that experts widely speak about:

Skin Creams

There is a range of beauty products, especially skin creams, that promise to repair skin damage caused by environmental factors.

Botulinum Toxin Therapy

You might have heard of Botox treatment. In this treatment, the muscles near your eyebrows, crow’s feet, etc., are tightened using an injection.

Chemical Peels

In this treatment, the dermatologist peels away the topmost layer of your skin using an acid. It removes the wrinkles and fine lines but, the new skin may appear red and inflamed for a week or two. 

Dermal Fillers

This is a popular treatment where the doctor injects collagen into your face to fill out the wrinkles and lines. Although they don’t last for very long, they are quite popular among the rich and famous. 

Stem Cell Treatment

Still being reviewed in several countries, stem cell treatment for skin rejuvenation holds a lot of promise. In this treatment, the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are used in combination with blood platelets and amino acids to repair and regenerate the skin. Since the stem cells used in this treatment are unspecialized, they can morph into the type of cell needed to repair the damaged skin tissue. The newly formed cells restart collagen production in the skin and increase the elasticity and hydration of the skin. They also assist in inhibiting melanin production, which helps in lightening an existing scar on the face or other parts of the skin.

The chances of yielding a greater number of MSCs is more with cord blood or Wharton’s jelly – contributing to one of the many umbilical cord preservation benefits. Stem cell therapy is believed to aid younger appearance, supple and fuller skin, reduced spots and blemishes, and fewer lines and wrinkles. Not only is it being studied for its anti-ageing properties, but also for the treatment of burn marks, trauma scars, etc.

These things considered, it is sensible to bank your baby’s stem cells so that they can naturally treat their skin-related issues in the future. If these treatments are not for you, worry not. Wear your wrinkles and scars with pride, and it only makes you that much more beautiful.