Is It Necessary to Store Cord Blood and Tissue for Each Child?

Is It Necessary to-Store Cord Blood for Each Child

Recently, close friends Jayesh and Simran delivered a second baby boy, Kiann. Like responsible parents, they believed in their child’s healthy future and went for private cord blood banking in spite of having preserved the umbilical cord for their firstborn a few years ago. In just 3 months’ time, their newborn was diagnosed with osteoporosis. […]

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What You Should Know About Stem Cell Therapy before Investing In Stem Cell Banks in India

The Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Center, in 2013, reported an 86% success rate for children who had undergone stem cell therapy for terminal illness, as compared to a 74% success rate in 2004. Hospitals across India have also been reporting extraordinary results as well. The Bangalore Institute of Regenerative Medicine, at a press meet […]

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