What is it Like to be 28 Weeks Pregnant? Find Out Here!

Twenty-eighth week of pregnancy is the time when you are warmly welcomed to the third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant women are most likely to face sleep deficiency during this phase. This is the time when the lady needs to rest and avoid all the heavy activities. It is best to take rest, make some happy memories and wait for the newborn to come into your life.

How much is the baby grown at the 28th week?

If you have seen an eggplant, your baby is at this size during the 28th week of pregnancy. There are layers of fat formed around the baby, and the length is measured to be approximately 14.8 inches with a weight of around 2.2 pounds.

What to expect from the 28th week!

Twenty-eighth week of the pregnancy is equal to 6 months of pregnancy when you are about to enter the third trimester or the 7th month altogether. Some of the symptoms that a 28-week pregnant woman will mostly experience are:

Sleeping Troubles

By inching towards your due delivery date, you will most likely experience more and more trouble in sleeping. It might be due to hormones or nerves.

Breath Shortness

The little baby inside your womb will now keep your lung & diaphragm area crowded, making it difficult for you to catch a breath. So, avoid taking stairs during this phase of pregnancy.

Body pain and aches

Hormone fluctuations are tough during this phase, and it makes it too uncomfortable for the body. Prefer doing mild exercises to relax your body from pain and stress.

Breast Leakage

The breasts are most likely to produce yellow colostrum even before the baby is born. It is the first food for the baby to ensure health and nutrients.

Braxton Hicks contractions

With the due date approaching, these hicks will get stronger with time. It is fine till the hicks are occasional. If it occurs frequently, then you might be on the stage of preterm labor.

Is Ultrasound necessary now?

It becomes clear that the baby is starting to grow fats at this stage and inching towards maintaining good health. The lungs of 28 weeks old baby are matured enough to identify the gender by analyzing the breath of the baby. The reports make clear that the baby is now ready for the few remaining finishing touches in the next few months before he/she can come out of the womb to see the world.

There might be curiosity to take a peek inside the womb, but it is unnecessary to go for Ultrasound at this point. Be patient and wait for a few months to take a full-time gaze at your little baby without any restrictions.

What should you plan for the weeks ahead?

Plan your reminders and maintain a checklist of the following points:

  • Count the kicks that you experience in your womb.
  • Schedule prenatal visit of 30 days.
  • Prepare pain relief options for the big day.

So here’s all you can expect from the 28th week of your pregnancy. Just relax and stay happy and your baby will be healthy & happy too!

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