sleep during pregnancy

Here’s How To Sleep During Pregnancy!

It can be really irritating to get the right sleeping position during pregnancy. It is one of the essential things for women to consider during their pregnancy. Not only its hard to get sleep at the various positions suggested by people, incorrect sleep positions are the prime cause of adverse health impacts on the foetus.

A recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation states that over 78% of the women are facing sleeping troubles during the third trimester of their pregnancy. Therefore, knowing the right tips for sleeping during pregnancy can help in the good health of pregnant women during their third trimester of pregnancy.

In this article, you will know about some of the best sleeping positions for pregnant women to maintain good health for the mother and the foetus.

Some Of The Best Positions For Sleeping

The first trimester is the relaxing period for a mother as she can choose any position to sleep without worrying about discomfort to the foetus. Once the uterus grows more prominent, then it causes sleep interference and obstructs the comfort of the mother. Some hormonal changes also result in sleeping problems.

On reaching the third trimester of pregnancy, women are suggested to sleep on the left side as it maximizes the blood flow to the uterus without any adverse pressure on other organs. If you are experiencing back pain during these months of pregnancy, then put a pillow amidst the knees to get rid of it.

Some of the other positions that can help to provide comfort to the pregnant ladies are:

  • Raise the upper body using some pillows to avoid heartburn during the third trimester.
  • Use the pillows & put them underneath your legs to lift them to reduce the swelling and pain in the legs.
  • Get better back support by using a pregnancy pillow or a normal pillow to support the back.

Sleeping Positions that Need To Be Avoided!

Some of the sleeping positions are not at all advisable for pregnant women during their third trimester. Some of which are:

Sleeping on your Stomach

You need to avoid sleeping on your stomach as it will have an adverse impact on the foetus. You can relax in this position during the first trimester though, as the uterus protects the foetus from all ill effects. There are pregnancy pillows available in the market for the women who tend to wake up in the morning lying on the stomach.

Sleeping On Your Back

Starting from the 28th week of pregnancy, a woman must avoid sleeping on the back as it compresses the blood vessels that transmit the blood to the uterus. It eventually suppresses the oxygen supply to the fetus and gives rise to adverse symptoms. A recent survey in the year 2019 tells that sleeping on the back during the third trimester increases the risk of stillbirth.

Correct sleeping positions are very much essential and must be considered by a woman during her pregnancy period as it has a huge impact on the overall health of the baby. Several techniques can be used to improve sleep quality and ensure the safety of the foetus. So keep these tips in mind before you go off to sleep tonight!

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