Pregnant during Christmas: how to make the most of it!

Pregnancy during Christmas is much more complicated than any other issue that you might have faced previously during the festive season. So what to do? How to enjoy without getting stressed? Take a look at our guide!

Cocktails and Mocktails

In order to be safe, avoid alcohol when you are pregnant. It might not be an easy thing, especially during Christmas. But you can take the help of your family and friends if needed. You can enjoy non-alcoholic drinks like seasonal mocktails or fruit juices. 

Know your cheese

During Christmas, cheese boards are everywhere. You have to avoid certain kinds of cheeses if you are carrying a baby. Though there are many options that you can enjoy.

Hard cheeses are a healthy option, even if it is made from unpasteurized milk. These cheeses include Edam, Cheddar Gouda, and Emmental.

Brie, Danish Blue, and Camembert that come under the Mould-ripened soft cheeses must be avoided. They might contain listeria bacteria that are harmful to the baby, so they must be avoided during pregnancy. 

Other soft cheeses are alright for pregnant women though. 

The mold-ripened goat’s cheese that is known as Chevre must be avoided too. But you can eat it if it is cooked. So you can enjoy it in a pizza or tart as long as it is thoroughly cooked. 

Fish is essential

Fish is an excellent source of vitamin and minerals for you and your baby. You can have two portions a week. But do not go over this limit if it is oily fish. 

Smoked trout and smoked salmon are also safe and healthy options for you. 


The eggs that are guaranteed to pose extremely low risk for salmonella can be enjoyed raw orpartially cooked. So you can enjoy soufflés, runny omelets, and soft-boiled eggs as long as they have low risk for salmonella. Other eggs must be cooked until the yolk and white are solid. 

Be careful when it comes to meat

Pre-packed cooked meat like corned beef and ham are entirely safe during pregnancy. But uncooked, fermented and cured meats like chorizo, salami, and pepperoni are not safe. Avoid consuming raw or uncooked meat. 

Say no to ‘pates’

Avoid pates, even the vegetable ones, as they might contain listeria. Many pates contain liver, which is also harmful to the baby. 

Peanuts are a good option

During pregnancy, it is safe to enjoy peanuts. Nuts act as a good vitamin source for you and your baby. 

Enjoy your chocolate fix but avoid caffeine

You can have one or two chocolates in a day, but you have to keep a check on your caffeine consumption. You should avoid having more than 200 mg caffeine in a day. 

Do not overdo it

Many food items might tempt you, but you have to resist such temptations. You need not eat a high quantity of food during pregnancy until your third trimester when you must intakearound 200 calories a day.

So, go ahead and invite your family and friends this holiday season. Just remember to eat & drink wisely during Christmas and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.  

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