how to get pregnant fast

How to Get Pregnant Fast

Are you impatient to get pregnant? While it may seem like the impending happy news takes its own time in coming, you will be pleased to know that there are ways to speed up the pregnancy process!

There isn’t anything extraordinary you need to do, but a few basic steps will get you well on your way if you are wondering how to get pregnant fast.

– Be patient. It is highly unusual to get pregnant on your first try, and you might have to keep trying for a few months. Pregnancy occurs with the right confluence of the state of your menstrual cycle, your overall health, whether fertilisation occurs in the narrow window of time that sperms can reach the eggs, whether you have peno-vaginal sex, etc. If you have been trying for more than a year without success, however, it is better to undergo testing.

– Do it soon. The older you are, the tougher it becomes to get pregnant. Women over 35 experience more pregnancy-related complications than their younger counterparts. If you want a baby, do it in your 20s instead of waiting for later.

– Maintain fitness. Being overweight or underweight can bring down your chances of conception. Apart from maintaining your weight, you must focus on strengthening your core and joints so that you are in good health to bear the pregnancy. Regular exercise and healthy diet will increase your fitness levels.

– Stop contraception. The best way to get pregnant is to take yourself off contraceptive pills. Stop taking the pill for at least two months before you begin trying to get pregnant in earnest. This will give your body time to restore its hormonal balance. It is better to wait till you have had at least one menstrual period after stopping the pill. Do not use spermicidal lubricants when having sex.

– Time your ‘sex’ days. You have ‘fertile’ days every month, when the chances of conception are much higher. Your hormones are well balanced and your uterus is in the mid-stages of fortifying the lining for a possible pregnancy during these days. Having sex at least thrice a week during the fertile phase every month increases your chances of conceiving. Normally, the seventh day after your period is the start of this phase. You get around five fertile days per month, during which time you ovulate.

– Get into position. You can have sex in the position both you and your partner prefer, but you must ensure that most of his semen remains inside you after intercourse. To ensure this, place a pillow under your hips and stay in this position after sex so that you maximise the chances of sperm reaching your eggs.

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