De-Stressing During Pregnancy

De-Stressing During Pregnancy: 10 Steps

Pregnancy is a fragile time for the mother and the baby. Even though being stressed is a normal and expected part of pregnancy, overdoing it can have a negative impact on your body and the health of your baby. Excessive stress can lead to high levels of anxiety which can result in hampering your baby’s emotional development.

Following are Ten Simple Ways in Which You Can De-stress During Pregnancy


Not being able to sleep or rest properly can often cause stress during pregnancy. Since pregnancy brings not only hormonal but also physical changes, oftentimes women find it difficult to get a comfortable position to sleep in. Try using as many pillows as you need, to make yourself comfortable while you sleep.

Communicate With Your Partner

Many times, personal issues relating to finances or family problems are the major cause of stress that women suffer during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also heighten emotional responses that can also cause stress. Talking to your partner about things that are bothering you, or are making you unhappy, can go a long way in not just bringing you closer to your partner but also relaxing your mind.


Although pregnancy tends to take a toll on a woman’s body and exercising certainly does not seem like an appealing task, however, a little bit of exercising can actually help you de-stress. Exercises like yoga, swimming, and mediating can relieve your mind off the tiredness and exhaustion.

Talk a Walk

Though it is not very different from exercising, but taking a walk in the morning or evening and getting a chance to take in the fresh air around is not only good for the health of your baby but can also be a major de-stressing tool for you.

Listen to Music

Music has been known as an effective means of de-stressing in any situation. Listening to soothing melodies is a very potent way to calm down your nerves.


Laugh as often as possible because it decreases the cortisol level in your body, which allows your brain to release chemicals called endorphins that can lighten your mood.

Eating Properly

It is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet during your pregnancy. Consuming foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids has been known to reduce depression.


Reading is known to be an essentially relaxing activity. Try reading books that pique your interest, or even re-read your favourite books to help take your mind off the stress and anxiety surrounding your pregnancy.

Get a Massage

Going to the spa or taking a massage at home are both excellent ways to de-stress. You can even ask your partner to occasionally give you foot rubs.

Be Prepared

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, it is best to start preparing yourself for the coming months. Discussing financial matters with your partner, preparing your home for your baby, making decisions regarding cord blood banking, etc., are important. The sooner you resolve these issues, the more stress-free you will be regarding your pregnancy.

If your anxiety and stress continue to persist, contact your medical practitioner as soon as possible.

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