Dad Diary: Maternity Shopping

Women nonetheless have a chunk to bear and experience when it’s about becoming a parent! Everyone knows that those 9 months aren’t easy. But the joy that emanates when a baby is born is blissful. And if truth be told, other than the would-be mother, even the expecting father undergoes a world of change within. The very feeling that a man has a little one to take care of, is what is exciting and nervous at the same time. Men are providers and love to provide well for their family. And this also means taking their wives to stores to get them maternity products before and after the child birth. Or as the internet would have it, some men like me would love to do the maternity shopping themselves, all one.

I was ecstatic when I heard my wife was pregnant! After the initial apprehension, I got consumed with the joy of having our baby. And taking care of my wife seemed to be the obvious thing that I loved doing. And during this phase I took keen interest in maternity shopping. My objective was to make my wife happy and make her life a tad bit easy amidst all the bodily and mental fluctuations, that is a part of pregnancy.

Did I get it right at the first go? Not at all! Understanding maternity shopping is no rocket science. But to implement it is where the challenge lies. Not because there’s dearth of products online or offline. But because the stores allow you endless option that makes it tough to make choices. And also you exactly need to know what your wife requires. So as I browsed online I was overwhelmed with all the maternity products and wears. I decided to start with the maternity wears.  That seemed to be the safest bet!

However, gone are the days when women used to wear loose fitting dress as their maternity wears! Fashion has walked into the maternity clothing section as well. There are far more interesting options available than you can think of.  For instance, there are T-shirts, maxi and midi dresses for pregnant women. That aside, there are oversized T-shirts and shift dresses designed for this purpose. And if you thought that women who aren’t pregnant can make the most of shape wears, unlike the ones who are pregnant – you need to check this out! Today, you can opt in for the over the bump clothing that comprises of leggings and tank tops as well.

There are bodycon dresses available for pregnant woman available in stripes and animal prints as well. Usually prints play a part in not making the baby bump obvious. Also there’s an added bonus. It elevates the mood of the pregnant woman which at times fluctuates owing to the hormonal changes. Furthermore, other kinds of maternity shopping include selecting the apt innerwear, sleep wear and even daily accessories. The online world provides choices galore for you to explore and grab the best deals that are showcased online!

However, whilst doing the maternity shopping for your wife, I have a suggestion to share. It’s always better to let your wife select the maternity clothing or accessories she wants! It’s always a great idea to surprise her. But when pregnant all a woman wants are things going her way, as she has to deal a lot already. Keeping in mind the delicate mood swings, it’s always smart to have her select the maternity gown that suits her taste and size, than you selecting one which might not cater to her preference or size. Also the maternity shopping doesn’t stop once the baby is born. In fact, it assumes a new dimension post that. So just be by your wife’s side and take part in the maternity shopping.


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