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How to maintain your sanity during pregnancy?

From preparing the nursery to purchasing the infant’s clothing, bibs, blankets and wipes; you as a would-be-mother must be having a platter full of plans before your baby’s arrival. However, it’s not just about your little bundle of joy, your mental and emotional well-being is equally important.

Blame it upon the soaring estrogen and progestorene levels which causes antenatal depression in many women. This condition at times can leave her to feel irritable, anxious and depressed.

So, be it sleeping well, eating well or staying fit, here are some mental health guidelines that a pregnant mother shall follow to maintain her sanity during her pregnancy:

  • Start with Meditation: In the midst of all the happiness of welcoming a new member in your family, your pregnancy hormones can leave you sleep-deprived, extremely stressed-out and even anxious. Practicing awareness around your thoughts through meditation and mindfulness, can certainly help you combat these emotional upheavals. So, around the delirium of the day, you can always take some time out for yourself. May be sit with yourself for just for about 15 minutes or so, take deep breaths, and pay attention to your thoughts to help you sail through a safe pregnancy.
  • Make “you” the priority: You are possibly doing your best to keep your baby safe during your pregnancy. In this rut, don’t forget that “you” are also important. So, take some time out for yourself and go back to doing something that you’ve enjoyed the most once upon a time. Maybe you could strum the tune of your favourite melody on your guitar or play the flute. Get creative with your cooking and surprise your partner with some delicious dishes. Plant flowers. Read a book. Join a virtual book club. Solve puzzles… Yes, this is the time. Explore your hidden talents and engage in hobbies and activities which is going make you feel happy, peaceful and extremely important in your eyes.
  • Find Support Groups: Pregnancy is the time, when you need support system. You need to feel grounded and understood. Hence, its always better to find solace in people who love you, know you and care about you like your partner, your parents, friends and siblings. Sharing your concerns with them can keep your stress and anxiety level during pregnancy at bay. Networking with other preggy-moms, or who are already moms (in your neighbourhood or on social media), not only will it be insightful, but also a fun bonding session. They can share their experiences and brush aside some of your worries. Also voicing your worries to your gynaecologist is an absolutely great idea.
  • Pamper Yourself: This could be anything from watching your all-time favourite movies and TV shows, interesting web series to getting yourself a makeover done. How about getting a sunning and relaxing manicure and pedicure done? Yes! You can be an absolute head turner mommy in the making.
  • Join Antenatal Classes: If you have antenatal classes in your neighbourhbood, join them. Take your partner along with you too. Antenatal classes help you understand pregnancy and childbirth. The counselling sessions in these classes help you to communicate your anxieties and apprehensions clearly and resolve them together as a team.
  • Eat Well: During pregnancy, there are times when you may not be feeling that great, to eat well. But having nutrient-dense food in the right amounts can keep your anxiety-level under check and keep you motivated throughout the journey.
  • Stay Active: The best way to get rid of pregnancy depression and feel good is by doing some physical activity. Your body releases endorphin hormones, that makes you feel relaxed during your pregnancy. Including yogasana (Goddess or Tree Pose) is also a very good idea.
  • Rest up: If you are feeling sleep deprived, you will have more difficulty coping up with the activities of the day and feel extremely irritated, adding on to your anxiety levels. So, it’s important for you to get a good night’s rest. You can also take a short nap in the afternoon to feel mentally and physically healthy.

Pregnancy, after all is a roller-coaster of emotions. And you as a pregnant mother would be the best judge about your feelings. However, if you feel your stress levels have risen to the point to where you are feeling overwhelmed, consult your gynaecologist, immediately.

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