Pregnancy Fashion Tips for baby bump

5 Fashion Solutions if you have a Baby Bump

Staying positive during pregnancy boosts your immunity, leaves you better able to cope with tiredness and anxiety, while also helping you adapt to the time when the baby is born. There is a direct correlation between the expecting mother’s stress levels and the outcome at the pre and post pregnancy stages, as well as the foetus’ growth and successful adaptation after birth, says an article published in the Journal of Prenatal Neonatal Nursing[1]. A good way to relieve stress is to spend time with loved ones and stay socially active. However, if you are worried about how you will look with that baby bump and loose pregnancy clothes, read on for some useful fashion tips.

Looking Your Best with that Baby Bump

Here’s a look at some useful tips on choosing the right pregnancy clothes that will help you look and feel your best with your baby bump:

  1. One recommendation from Women’s Health Magazine[2] is to use mirrored prints and color blocking. Reflecting a print on either side of your body while you stand vertically has an immediate slimming effect and helps hide any irregular curves. Similarly, darker colours cleverly positioned over the tummy will cause the bump to diminish visually.
  2. Use a billowy blouse or a wrap-around dress (a dress that closes at the front and wraps one side across the other while knotting the attached strings around the waist at the back) to feel comfortable while successfully hiding the pregnancy bump.
  3. A conservative way to draw attention away from the waist is to elongate your form by wearing long maxi dresses with busy graphics, such as rich floral, ethnic tribal or photographic prints.
  4. Another recommended item for your wardrobe is Lycra. It is stretchable, comfortable and helps to flaunt the tummy in a pleasant manner, when you are ready to do so.
  5. If you are a working woman, a tunic with colours that suit the season thrown over lycra tights or formal pants that are stretchable around the tummy will workZ anywhere and anytime. The best part is that you can shop online for pregnancy clothes, easily and conveniently.

Invest in your pregnancy, your baby and yourself. Stay healthy and think healthy. Plan ahead for other aspects of your pregnancy as well. Engage in mild exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Protect yourself and your family by looking and feeling good while you wait out the months leading to the delivery.



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