Can You Have Ghee During Pregnancy? Find Out

It’s been quite a few months since you embarked on the journey of developing another life inside you. You are slowly nurturing the life inside with balanced food and exercise. While preparing food for you, you must have often seen your mom or your mother-in-law pouring just a little bit of ghee into the food. Looking at the amount of Ghee going your meal, earlier you would have argued with your elders saying, “I don’t want to put on weight.” Now that you are pregnant, you would hear your elders saying, “Since ancient times in India, Ghee or “ghrita” has been considered to be a pure inclusion during various Indian rituals. Not just that it is indeed a safe inclusion in your diet.

Is Ghee Good During Pregnancy? 

Just a little bit of ghee won’t do any harm during your pregnancy.”

Frequent addition of Ghee to your breakfast, and lunch, is a healthy and good choice during pregnancy. Why? Here are the benefits that ghee has to offer while you are expecting your baby. 

Aids Your Digestion

In the first trimester, around 70% of you suffer from morning sickness. Having ghee in your diet may reduce the chances of morning sickness in your first trimester. How? Ghee has antiviral qualities. It plays a major role in improving your digestive system. Additionally, the healthy fatty acids keep your gut healthy.

Keeps You Hydrated

Since your body needs a healthy amount of water; especially in the second and third trimesters; ghee fulfils your water requirements.

Boosts Foetal Health

Since the major organs of your baby inside you develop in the first three months of your pregnancy, including desi ghee in your pregnancy diet during this time will boost your baby’s physical growth including brain development inside the womb.

Creates a Nutritional Balance

During the second and third trimesters, you would need about 300 additional calories for a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, having ghee in your food would be a plus. After all, ghee is a very good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and Omega 9 fatty acids, benefitting both you and your little one inside, nutritionally.

Relieves You From Pregnancy Stress

Since the health and well-being of your baby inside you will be a matter of concern for you throughout your pregnancy journey; consuming ghee with your food can reduce your stress as well as anxiety.

Reduces Stretch Marks

If you are getting worried about your stretch marks with the progression of your pregnancy, apply ghee to your stretch marks to remove them.

How Much Ghee in Pregnancy is Not Too Much?

As per your doctor’s advice, you can consume not more than 2 to 3 teaspoons of ghee during pregnancy. Having ghee more than the recommended measures can make you put on the additional weight and being plus size during pregnancy may not positively impact your pregnancy. While you are planning for a healthy pregnancy, plan for cord blood banking to secure the health of your baby and your baby’s healthy future.