Christmas Is Here! Planned The Christmas Gift For Your Pregnant Wife?

Christmas is that time of the year when you and the ones you love are close to each other, spreading happiness, love and magic in the air.

However, this Christmas is very special for you. Amidst all your loved ones, this Christmas, you have your wife who’s expecting your baby. She has already surprised you with the news of her pregnancy, a few months back and made this occasion worth the celebration for you. So, now, it’s your turn to let her know that, she and the tiny one inside her is extremely important for you.

In fact, you must have already planned the pregnancy-friendly Christmas food and drinks for her, but are you still thinking on the Christmas gifts for your pregnant wife?

Look no further! Read this interesting article and get some of the unique Christmas gift ideas for your pregnant wife.

How ‘bout:

A Maternity Dress or Robe?

Undoubtedly your wife will undergo many bodily changes, during her pregnancy. In fact, as she progresses from the second trimester, you’ll notice her baby bump will start showing and she will also start gaining weight. Therefore, giving her a maxi dress of soft and light-weight fabric or high-waist flowy skirts and lose tops, as comfortable and fashionable maternity wears, can be some of the wonderful Christmas gift options. Not just that! A robe’s a must for a pregnant woman. So, choose a comfy fabric and a stylish pattern for a robe, for the fashionista mummy-to-be. After all, even during pregnancy, she has the right to look and feel good about herself.

A Pair of Thick Warm Socks?

Since the mercury is dropping in this season, there are chances that she might feel cold, especially during the night-time, thus interrupting her sleep. Moreover, with frequent bathroom visits and several other pregnancy discomforts, getting a sound sleep would be difficult for her, at this stage. Show her that you care about her slumber, (which is vital during pregnancy), by gifting her with a pair of thick, luxurious, warm and soft pair of socks.

A Fun Ceramic Ornament?

Your wife has given you a good reason why you want to pamper her more than ever – before. With Christmas round the corner, the reason is right enough. Gift her with an ornament. A pregnant woman Christmas ornament can surely make her feel pampered. A ribbon hanger with it can be a fun element for her. She can either hang it on the X-mas tree to celebrate the pregnancy and her baby’s arrival; or can keep it as a memory on her dressing table. Otherwise, a customised necklace with this ornament hanging with it, will surely create a wonderful impression on your wife.

A Buttery Moisturiser For Your Pregnant Wife’s Tummy?

Due to the expanding mummy – tummy, and weight gain, stretch marks happen to be a beauty concern for all expecting mummies. You’ll notice your pregnant wife is also not quite happy with those marks. A buttery moisturising lotion would be a carefully thought-out Christmas gift for your pregnant wife.

Small Pouches of Essential Oils?

It’s not unnatural for your pregnant wife to feel nauseous, during her pregnancy. All pregnant women have similar kind of feeling. But, gifting her with small diffuser pouches of essential oils – like orange and lavender can help. It will have a calming effect upon her and can help relieve her from nausea.   

A Book?

This could be a not-so-serious pregnancy journal or a book that will add some humour to the otherwise monotonous and strenuous life of your pregnant wife. 

A Box of Chocolates?

After all, like all other mommies-to-be, your pregnant wife will also have a massive sweet-tooth.

A Mention of Cord Blood Banking?

As, while planning some of the great Christmas gifts for your expecting wife, as a doting husband, you should not forget that you’re also planning the health and safety for her and the life she’s nurturing inside. Therefore, a mention of cord blood banking would be one of the greatest gift ideas for your expecting wife.

To Conclude

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