The Brighter Side of Being Pregnant During a Pandemic


Even though the recent pandemic has clouded the otherwise happy mindset of pregnant ladies, there are some silver linings as well. They can save more, spend more time with their families in these times of pandemic and coronavirus outbreak.

Even though pregnancy is usually a time for lots of anticipation and excitement, the sudden outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has casted uncertainty, fear, and apprehension among expectant mothers. While there are problems galore to cope with, pregnancy during pandemic has surprised us with a list of unexpected perks as well.

You can save a lot

You can save a lot in this pandemic and use it for any loss of income in your household. Pregnant women are not going to beauty parlors, yoga classes, and not entertaining guests at home. Their partners are also staying at home instead of taking them out for a lavish dinner or ordering foods online. All this adds to a substantial amount of savings that can be used later on.

Getting those extra hours of sleep

As your body gears up to nurture a new life, it also demands a few extra hours of sleep. During this new normal, you and most of your family members are working from home, hence now you do have the luxury of sneaking out a nap or two during the day time.

You don’t need to invest in expensive maternity clothes

Being confined to home, you don’t have to invest in expensive bump-friendly outfits. Apart from cutting on expenses, your swollen feet don’t have to struggle to get inside fancy shoes.

You don’t have to waste hours in commuting for work or take up those uncomfortable air travels

If you are one of those working expectant ladies who’s workplace is far from her residence.  Thanks to this pandemic, you can now happily work from home and save your travelling cost and more importantly spent some precious hours with your family.

Additionally, with business travel being barred by almost all organizations, you can now be spared from experiencing  its side effects such as dehydration and swelling of legs due to fluid retention.

No belly groping or comments about body changing

Even though it is pretty common for people to make comments about weight gain or caress the belly in a lighthearted manner, many pregnant women don’t appreciate that. While video calling with friends or colleagues from home, you can adjust the camera in such a way that it focuses more on your radiant face and not on the rest of the body.

Unwanted advice would be less!

Pandemic has forced people to stay indoors and for many of you there will be hardly any socializing for most part of your pregnancy period. With limited human interaction, you are surely to receive less unwanted advice regarding what you should and should not do during pregnancy.

No unwanted guests

In normal times, people like friends, neighbors, and relatives often visit  to see how the pregnant lady is doing and this leaves many expectant mothers irritated. In this time of social distancing, you are free from this nightmare too.  As there will be no time wasted in hosting the visitors, you can utilize this time to relax or peruse a hobby.

No need to be conscious of your mood swings:

Elevated estrogen level triggers mood swings mainly in the first trimester moms. Now with limited interactions, you can lower your guard and not be conscious of your behavior in front of outsiders.

Morning sickness won’t embarrass you at your workplace

Nausea and vomiting are common conditions during pregnancy. It is always better to feel nausea and vomit at home rather than in your office cubicle. You can now wait for your morning sickness to subside before you get back to work from the comfort of your home.

You can spend more time with your partner

In the normal situation, a working pregnant lady would only get a month or two before the delivery to spend time with family. On the other hand, a husband is out  all day, managing his work front. Hence, the greatest boon of being pregnant during this extraordinary time is to be able to spend more quality time with your partner and create some beautiful memories.


These benefits certainly don’t minimize the complications that have arisen due to pandemic. But by looking at these brighter aspects of pregnancy in a pandemic, expectant mothers can surely cheer themselves up a bit.

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