FAQ – Collection of Cord Blood During COVID-19




Worried about sample collection during COVID-19 outbreak?


COVID-19 pandemic has almost shut the entire world. Whole nation is under lockdown because of this outbreak of Novel coronavirus. But Cordlife is committed to serve you as per its best services that we always offer. With special permissions and exemption for essential healthcare services, our sample collection team is operational PAN India to serve you. Because we are liable to keep our promises. And we will surely put our best foot forward to serve you during this critical period, and following the government regulations at the same time.


We shall deliver our necessary customer service digitally.

For any other assistance, we are available on 18001216200 and 98301 66200. You can also write to us at info@cordlifeindia.com and we will get back to you.

Meanwhile, to address some of your concerns we have drafted a short list of FAQs that will build help you get a glimpse of our commitment and build your confidence on our services during this hard time.


  1. I can deliver anytime. Whom should I contact for the collection of sample?

You can call at our helpline 1800 121 6200 (Toll free) or 98301 66200, minimum 4 hours before the delivery. We will assign a paramedic for the collection at the time of requirement. We have ensured that our paramedics are available round the clock so that collection process is not impacted.

 SAVE THESE NUMBERS ON YOUR MOBILE! We are just a call away!

Note: You can contact our local representative who completed your documentation formalities, to make the arrangements. And also, the contact numbers of our paramedics are mentioned on the Kit Box handed over to you.

  1. How will your paramedic reach hospital for collection in this lockdown?

As we are enlisted under essential healthcare services, our paramedics are exempted from the lockdown restrictions. Along with that our paramedics have been provided with exemption passes wherever required to ensure they reach hospital on time for the collection and deliver the kit box to the nearest logistics point for pick up and transport to our lab.


  1. Will the sample reach on-time to your lab?

All the transportation needs of our paramedics have been taken into account to make sure they can reach the logistics point safely and timely ensuring arrival of the sample on-time in our lab.

  1. How will the sample reach your lab in this lockdown?

We have taken utmost care for the logistics so that your sample will be transported special cargos moving via multiple routes for the fastest possible delivery to our lab along with all the safety measures that need to be taken while transportation.

Processing and storage

  1. Will you start processing the sample as soon as it reaches the lab in the given time-span in which the sample needs to be processed?

Our lab is 24×7 serviceable. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your sample. As soon as your sample reaches our lab, our team will take-up your sample immediately for processing. All necessary requirements for processing and storing your sample have been adequately procured.

  1. How can you assure us that proper hygiene and safety measures will be followed in the entire process from collection at hospital to storage of the sample at your lab?

Cordlife is committed to you to provide its best service. And when it comes to maintaining safety and hygiene Cordlife is liable to maintain its quality of hygiene through the entire process from collection of the sample to storage at our lab.

Let’s have a brief look on the entire process.

  • At collection- Cordlife ensures the paramedics are healthy with no symptoms of health conditions. At the time of collection of the sample, all government guidelines are followed and proper hygiene & sanitization is maintained. Our paramedic team is provided with PPE kits , Masks, Goggles & sanitizers to be protected from any possible infections.
  • In logistics- Once the collection has been done, the collection box is securely sealed. Cordlife’s kit box is single-use, and cannot be reused. This prevents the possibility of exposure to infections. The Kit Box once closed is vacuum sealed and not only maintains temperature but also prevents interaction with external environment. Additionally, it is subjected to external disinfection during transit and also once your sample reaches our lab, before opening the box and taking the samples for processing.
  • At the time of receiving– As soon as any kit is delivered at the Laboratory reception, the Kits are sterilized from outside with disinfectants. After disinfecting the kits from outside, then the kit is opened one by one & disinfected from inside. Each Kit is opened one at a time for added protection. After complete sterilization of the Kit, it is then shifted to the lab for processing.
  • At the time of processing and storage- Cordlife lab is well-equipped and proper hygiene and safety measures are followed in the entire processing and storage of the sample. All the lab equipment’s are cleaned and disinfected frequently to avoid any kind of contamination.
  • Lab staff’s hygiene and safety- At Cordlife we ensure that all our lab staffs are screened through thermal scanner. Moreover, government guidelines are strictly followed by all the staff prior to entering into the lab premises and during the time of work.

 Customer queries

  1. Who will address my queries in this lockdown?

Keeping in mind the safety of our employees as well as our clients, our customer support team is operational from their home. They have been provided with necessary infrastructure to access work from home and you can be rest assured all your queries will be addressed. There may be instances of delay in response. But emergencies are attended on priority.

Your support and understanding would help us serve you better.


  1. How can I make the payment during lockdown?

We have provision for making online payments and you can do so through our website https://www.cordlifeindia.com/payment-gateway. Due to the current lockdown, any other mode of payments in the form of cheques/demand drafts in this lockdown period may not reach us on time. Hence there may be delay in acceptance and acknowledgement of payments made through offline form till the time things are in control. So it is recommended that you make all your payments through online mode.

In case of any query or assistance needed, please call us at 1800 121 6200.

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