Breast Leaking During Pregnancy: Causes and Remedies

Breast leaking can be one of the pregnancy symptoms like swollen feet, morning sickness, and so on. We know that you are a little taken aback, as this is an event that is most common with your little one in your arms.

Can Milk Leak During Pregnancy?

Well! Yes. Leaking breasts during pregnancy may not be a very talked-about subject, but it does exist, and it is quite normal.

Breast Leaking in the First and Second Trimester

In the early stage of your pregnancy, around the 5th or 6th week, you will notice your breasts become full and the nipples tender. In this stage itself, the Alveolar cells may become more prominent. The Alveolar cells are the nipples and the darker-coloured area around them. They begin to secrete colostrum in the 12th to 16th week of pregnancy. You might blame it on the complex interplay of hormones. The soaring oestrogen, progesterone, prolactin as well as human growth hormone for all these breast changes. It is these same hormones that proliferate the milk ducts and prepares your body for milk production during this time1. However, by the time you enter the second trimester (14 to 26 Weeks), most of the unpleasant symptoms of your first trimester fade away. You might even find a few drops of milk around your nipples inside your bra cups.

Breast Leaking in The Third Trimester

Well! From the 27th week of your pregnancy, in the third trimester, until your little one arrives, the prolactin levels will be very high and active. This hormone will be supportive of breast milk production. After all, your body is prepping the food for your baby, before his or her arrival Therefore, don’t be surprised if you spray some milk while you are taking a bath or you are changing your clothes.

Does Leaking Breast Mean Labour Soon?

Well! As we have mentioned above, leaky breasts are common throughout your pregnancy journey. But that does not mean that you will be in labour soon. Your breasts do not have a major role in stimulating labour.

How to Manage Breast Leaking During Pregnancy?

Although it is perfectly normal for your breasts to leak during pregnancy, however, you still need to deal with it before your baby’s arrival.

  • First and foremost, there is nothing to be worried about. We know that leaky breasts are indeed a pain, but do not let them affect you.
  • Try using breast pads, especially when you are going out of your house to save yourself from embarrassment.
  • Try wearing supportive cotton maternity bras. These are better than those regular ones.
  • Keep a change handy always. It could be anything – extra bras, a T-shirt or dress.

Do not let your leaking breasts during pregnancy, ruin your experience of your pregnancy. If you have any other symptoms– such as foul smell or blood indicating signs of infection, visit your doctor immediately and enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

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