A Brand Known For Its Premiumness- Cordlife

Cordlife is the oldest and having the largest network of Cord blood banks in Asia pacific. We are a Singapore-based health care company, catering to the mother and child segment. We take immense pride in ourselves in being trusted by millions of parents to secure their baby’s umbilical cord blood across the continent. We are also considered as a premium cord blood banking company in India. There are several features we offer that are unique only to Cordlife. Here are some out of the many reasons why Cordlife should be your One Chance One Choice to bank your baby’s stem cells.

We Have a Heritage

Cordlife started as a pioneer in cord blood banking company 19 years back in Singapore. Since then, we have slowly and steadily expanded ourselves to becoming the largest network of cord blood banks in the Asia-Pacific, present in 10 countries. Following our legacy, we started our operations in India at Kolkata in 2008, and gradually spread our wings across the country. Now we operate in 210 cities across India. With almost two decades of in-depth knowledge and expertise in stem-cell banking, we have carved our niche and have built a distinguished brand name in the sub-continent, including India. We can swear by our quality, transparency and commitment to our clients and stakeholders.

We Are Internationally Recognised

Since our inception, our capabilities in maintaining high standards of trustworthy and reliable cord blood banking services have been well-recognised by some of the established quality standard organisations as well as government regulatory bodies. Our state-of-art lab facility, located in Kolkata, has been licensed and accredited by National and International bodies – Drug Controller General India (DCGI), American Association of Blood Banks, College of American Pathologist and World Health Organisation (AABB, CAP and WHO), thus proving that we do not compromise on our quality at any cost.

Also, we are proud of our global accolades across around two decades. To begin with, in 2007, the World Economic Forum validated our outstanding performance in the industry by bestowing us with the prestigious “Technology Pioneer” title. We have been awarded “The Most Transparent Company” by SIAS in 2013 and were recognised by Forbes (Asia) in 2015, amongst the Top 200 “Best Under a Billion” companies in Asia Pacific.

We Use Advanced Processing Technology

The baby’s cord blood and tissue are processed in a biologically safe and clean environment maintained inside the well-equipped labs of Cordlife. However, we are the only company in India to use the most advanced technology of AutoXpress II to process cord blood and harvest high numbers of Mono Nucleated Cells MNC & CD34 and the globally patented CellOptimaTM technology to process the cord lining and with validation of the functional capacities of the tissue stem cells.

We Offer Total Stem Cell Banking Solution

If collecting and cryopreserving stem cells at the time of delivery is the only chance, then storing both cord blood and tissue is what Cordlife offers. All that our clients need to do is pay a nominal price to keep their baby’s cord unit safe with us for 21yrs or more and enjoy exclusive ownership and accessibility throughout the tenure. It not only gives you the benefit of getting a 3rd cell line – Epithelial Cells, in addition to the Haematopoietic Stem Cells & Mesenchymal Stem Cells (EpCs, HSCs and MSCs), but also offers you with a total stem cell banking solution and complete protection for your entire family under any treatment condition.

We Give the ‘Value’ We Get Paid For

For any transplant, if the stored sample of cord blood is not suitable for use, may be due to genetic defect, human leukocyte antigen (HLA) mismatch or shortfall of the sample, then there is nothing to worry about. As a part of the Total Stem Cell Banking Solution, we offer access to samples from over 50 public repositories across the globe and cover our clients with a bonus or supplementary sample without having to lose exclusive rights on their own sample.

We Provide Complete Transportation Liability

Cordlife is the only company in India which takes complete responsibility to deliver the sample in time and in good condition at the transplant centre. In case the stem cells are found to have been damaged during transportation from storage facility to the transplant centre, we either offer an alternate matching sample or a compensation.

We Provide Insurance Covered Medical Assistance

In order to ensure that our clients get the financial coverage for the cord blood transplant, we have an insurance back up underwritten by AIA for approved treatments as well as approved clinical trials, using both stored stem cells or stem cells sourced from public banks.

The Cordlife Quality Warranty

This is unique only to Cordlife. Our warranty is the only guarantee in India, and we ensure that cord blood stem cells are  replaced  at no additional cost within 14 business days or compensated up to INR 2 million, should the cord blood loose its viability at the point of transplant and matching HLA is not to be found from the repositories.

One Chance and One Choice

Still thinking? Fret not! As Cordlife is more than just a cord blood bank. With an aim to give 360-degree protection for the baby and the entire family, we always try to remain at the forefront of science. So, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is your one chance to secure your baby and your family for a healthy future.