Mesenchymal Stem Cells a Strong Contender in the Fight Against Covid-19

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy maybe considered as a promising approach towards mitigating the delirious effect of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Read on to find out the truth in support of the context.

From an outbreak to becoming a pandemic-the havoc that Novel coronavirus or Covid-19 has created till now is surely not alien to anyone. As the situation is worsening with every passing day, Coronavirus seems to be a puzzle that medical practitioners are trying to solve with varied combination of medications and therapies.

While the production of a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 is the ultimate aim, various research is also being conducted across the globe to nail down approved and effective therapeutic strategies to cure this virus.

In this context, Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy has evolved as a potential breakthrough approach towards mitigating the delirious effect of the virus.

MSC Therapy – Recent Records

Some recent studies have shown a rampant improvement in the symptoms of Covid-19 patients with intravenous infusion of allogenic stem cells. Remarkable signs of recovery were observed within a span four days, in a critically ill Coivd-19 patient who was suffering from liver injury. On the other hand, MSC transplantation performed on patients suffering from high fever and shortness of breath saw their lung functions speedily improve within just two days.

MSCs – A Major Role in Immunomodulation and Differentiation

The effectiveness of the immunomodulatory abilities of MSCs has been already tested earlier.
MSCs are multi-potent cells found in bone marrow, placenta, adipose tissue and umbilical cord. Storage of MSCs with its immunomodulation and differentiation abilities, may be repeatedly used for therapeutic purposes like Covid-19. This virus with its crown-like structure (spike protein layer) enters the human cells, recognises, infects and destroys them completely via ACE2 and TMPRSS2 molecules. These molecules spreads around the lung’s cells, blood vessels and cardiac cells. Considering the immunomodulation and differentiation ability, MSCs can expand to volume in suitable and short period of time, helping the cell properties in a Covid-19 patient’s body.

How are MSCs Obtained for Treatment

MSCs for the purpose of treatment for a Covid-19 patient, can be obtained from the tissue from a donor (allogenic). If the patient has not already stored the self-MSCs, the only option available is allogenic use.

MSC Therapy- production, Infusion and Control

The terrible devastation of the lungs cells and the immune system due to the attack of Coronavirus (Covid-19), leaves a patient at high risk. The severity of the virus causes blocking of the blood vessels in the body which finally leads to multi-organ failure. The Intravenous (IV) infusion of MSCs, targeting the lungs, (for proper cell product delivery in ARDS and Covid-19), is most frequently anticipated here.

MSC Therapy – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approves the Advancement of Clinical Trail

Some of the biotechnology companies in the US received the much-needed FDA nod to advance their clinical trial on the usage of MSC therapy on severely impacted Covid-19 patients. This is being considered as a huge affirmation in the potentiality of MSC therapy in combatting this deadly virus.

MSC Therapy – Present and Future

Mesenchymal Stem Cells, once injected intravenously in a Covid-19 patient’s body has been found to improve lung inflammation and regulate arterial oxygen saturation. However, at this moment, MSC-based therapy is at the clinical trial stage and has only been used in emergency situations, like controlling the “cytokine storm” in the patient. Particularly for those whose immune system and regenerative are compromised by age.

However, with time and with a larger cohort of patients, the safety and effectiveness of MSCs intravenous infusion can be well judged.