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About to Graduate From a Husband to a Father? Anticipate These Lifestyle Changes

You have recently overheard your wife praising you for being that perfect companion during her pregnancy. Of course, you’re elated! However, remember that your job is far from being over! As you are about to graduate from being a responsible husband to a doting father, we make you aware of these lifestyle changes that you could anticipate during the early phases of your fatherhood.

Be Prepared To Be Sleep-deprived

As an understanding husband and first-time dad, you are aware that breastfeeding the baby so many times in a day is going to make your wife feel so exhausted that she might just want to rest up and enjoy a peaceful slumber at night. But, with your baby waking up several times during the night she is struggling or feeling sleep-deprived. This is when you might  have to step in and make her feel that you are also prepared to be sleep-deprived along with her. After all, raising a child is a teamwork. So, when you notice that your baby is crying in the middle of the night,  wake up and take charge. Sing to him, walk him around, gently rock him, but try to sooth his tears. If your wife has pumped and stored her breastmilk in a feeding bottle, take it out, put it in a bowl of warm water and bottle-feed your baby without letting your wife feel a whisker. This is surely going to melt her heart, while you might just get a chance to connect with your baby without having that umbilical cord connection. We can offer you some more  tips on how you can help out in breastfeeding @:

Future Saving For Your Little One

As a new dad you would have to realise that you have an addition to your family and you might have to think twice before splurging out on anything unnecessary. No, we are not asking you to be a miser. But be wiser. Maybe you could sit down with your wife, plan out your expenses, make a list of the “must-haves” and “good-to-haves”. Maybe some of the non-essential spending can take a backseat.

Shouldering the Household Chores

Now, with this cute little monkey in your hand, you might have to think about changing your priorities a little. You might just have to spend a little more time in the house looking at the tiny details, when it comes to shouldering the household chores along with her. Maybe you could sit down with your wife, plan out the list of shopping-essentials and get them for her whenever required. We know that you are not a chef, but you might take over the kitchen whenever you can. Moreover, keeping your house clean and tidy is a healthy necessity for both your baby and your wife. So, you may keep your precious bundle strapped to a carrier and tot him around, while vacuum-cleaning your entire house.

Give a “miss” to Late-night Parties

When you bring the new mom along with the new born home you might have to think about giving a “miss” to late-night parties. You, like your wife might undergo postpartum depression. The reason could be anything – hormonal changes, fatigue, stress, sleep-deprivation or mourning over the free and easy pre-baby lifestyle? Who knows, socialising with friends late in the night might worsen the situation and take a toll upon your health.

Avoid Smoking in Front of Your New Born

The moment you found out that your wife is pregnant, you started refraining yourself from smoking in front of her. Those days and months you only had your wife’s health at the top of your mind. Now that she has delivered the baby and you have brought both the new mom and the new born home, it might be crucial on your part to keep cigarette smoking at bay in order to keep the baby safe. This may also the time, that you may have to educate the rest of the family members to stay away from smoking in front of the baby.*3. Research shows that smoking around new-borns can cause several health problems including lifelong breathing and respiratory problems, poor mental and physical growth in the baby along with sudden infant death syndrome.

Continue to Make Your Wife Feel Important

We know that, you are taking all this trouble for your wife, who is now the new mom of your new-born. You might just continue to make her feel important, while you’d be still looking after the baby. May be Bring her a healthy snack or juice, while she is breastfeeding. Give her a massage down her shoulders once she is done. Give her the salon time, when you’d be caressing the little one. And may be you could  hug her whenever you can. *2. You know, frequent hugs releases “cuddle hormone” as the scientists put it. It will reduce the blood pressure and the stress-factors in the new mom and she will surely be very happy.

Fatherhood is a Beautiful Journey

Even though you may face many initial hiccups and in turn might have to make some significant modifications during the initial phase of fatherhood, but Believe it or not, fatherhood is a beautiful journey. The benefits of which you will reap for the rest of your life.

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