35th Week of Pregnancy: Explore Your Body and Your Baby

By the time you enter the 35th Week of your pregnancy, you’re almost 8 – months pregnant.

Congratulations! You’re ready to reach the finishing line. Just a month left for you before you hold your baby in your arms.

By this time your little one inside is becoming chubbier and slowly taking the head-down position to make a trip out of your womb in the next month’s time. Although you might feel pains and cramps because of the little champ’s activities inside, the best part is you will have to start counting kicks and days.

Here’s everything that you need to know about your baby and your body in the 35th week of your pregnancy: 

See the Developments in Your Baby in the 35th Week of Pregnancy

Your little one is just about the size of a honeydew melon. He or she is about 5.25 pounds and is around 18.19 inches long. Besides, the weight and size of your baby, the other changes in your baby are: 

Your Little One’s Brain is Developing at a Mind-boggling Speed

Your little one’s brain is continuously developing, and maturing. The cerebral cortex is becoming more complex, which is crucial for understanding your language, and your thoughts.

Your Little One’s Respiratory System is Developing

If you undergo an ultrasound scan during this time, you’ll notice your baby is practising breathing movements inside. That means their respiratory system is also maturing, and there may be enough surfactant in their lungs to support lung function.

Your Little One’s Digestive System is Completely Developed

Remember, your child consumes everything that you consume during this time of your life. He or she would be absorbing all the nutrients from what you eat and grow healthy. That shows your baby’s digestive system is fully developed by now.

In the ultrasound scan, your baby’s skin will also be visible. You’ll notice that the baby’s skin is becoming less translucent and wrinkled by the time you hit the 35th week. Moreover, the baby’s kidney and liver have also started functioning gradually. Isn’t that fun and exciting?

What Changes Occur in Your Body this Week

Due to the changes in your baby while being cuddled up inside the womb, and the soaring pregnancy hormones, your body will also undergo several changes this week.  While you count the kicks, feel the movements and count the days, see what changes occur in your body this week:

Frequent Urination

As the baby takes the head-down position and moves down towards the pelvis region, you’ll feel a lot of pressure on the uterus and the bladder. As a result of the pressure, you may feel the urge to urinate frequently

Feeling the Numbness in the Pelvis

Since the baby is descending and getting ready for a trip outside, besides feeling the pressure on the bladder, you can feel the pressure against the pelvis. Due to this, you’ll get a numb feeling over there.

Facing Problems While You’re Digesting

As the baby develops inside, he or she occupies the entire uterus. He or she also has everything that you have. Therefore, there are chances that the food will not get digested properly, during this week of your pregnancy.

Occasional Headaches and Back Pain

Due to hormonal changes, pregnancy insomnia, anxiety about your little one (till such time you can bring your child into this world), and foetal development, occasional headaches, and back pain are common during this week.


Due to rising pregnancy, the developing foetus, and pregnancy constipation; you’ll feel a lot of pressure not just on the pelvis region, but the anus and rectum too. Pregnancy Haemorrhoids or painful piles are the result. They jut out of the anus giving rise to pain and blood.

Braxton Hicks Contraction

These are contractions of the uterus that can be confused with labour pain. While some women may not feel them, these ‘fake’ contractions can be differentiated from real contractions by the fact that they are irregular.

But, there’s nothing to feel irritated or worried or scared about. Your problems will have solutions.

Ways to Deal the Changes in Your Body in the 35th Week

Like the rest of the stages of your pregnancy, you must visit your healthcare practitioner this week too. After all, you need to understand how to deal with the bodily changes of this week:

  • You may hire a labour coach to get emotional and physical support from him or her.
  • Talking to new moms and pregnant moms about your pregnancy challenges and foetal changes during this week and sharing your stress factors will be a lot of help for you.
  • Use a pregnancy pillow to get a comfy position to sleep.
  • Keep your hospital bags packed as you might be in labour prematurely.
  • Stay active (practice Kegels)
  • Write a journal on your pregnancy
  • Take a warm bath. It will reduce your headache and back pain.
  • Take prenatal massage
  • Take care of your skin
  • Stay hydrated. Drink fruit juices (Reduce your caffeine – intake)
  • Have nutritious food
  • Listen to soft music
  • Take enough rest. Maybe a power nap in the afternoon would do some good to you.
  • Don’t forget to plan to bank your baby’s cord blood

It may be a little challenging, but this is the last leg of your pregnancy. Enjoy it to the fullest!