Why Do Women Experience Weird Dreams During Pregnancy?

Sleeping is a huge issue during pregnancy, given that most mothers have a hard time getting some shut eye throughout the day and even at the night. But what makes the situation worse is that when they do get some sleep, dreams and nightmares plague their mind. People usually neglect this point and ignore discussion, but it might be a reason for some psychological stress.

Here, you will know about some of the types of pregnancy dreams and the causes behind it.

How is Pregnancy Dreams Different From That of Normal Ones?

Dreams incur to humans during the deepest hours of sleep which is also known as REM (Rapid Eye movement). Dreaming is a healthy part of sleep where you are most likely to see a collective image of your emotions and imaginations. During pregnancy, the ratio of dreams increases and can be of different types.

The Dream Changes During Pregnancy

Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams are something that has to do with the most profound emotions and clear imagination. It occurs during the deepest hours of sleep, makes you feel like you are actually living in reality and can be quite confusing.

Frequent Dreaming

As per the latest survey, pregnant women experience more than one dream in their entire course of 8 hours of sleep. Due to pregnancy, the sleeping hours increase, and that might be one reason to experience frequent dreaming.

The Different Types of Dreams!

Mother-hood Dreams

It is very obvious as the dreams are just the emotions and the imaginations altogether. These dreams come up due to the nervousness of handling a baby. A pregnant woman can see dreams of her baby talking to her and many other such scenarios that she plans or thinks of  the whole day.

Anxiety Dreams

During pregnancy, you need a lot of energy and patience to do all the regular works, and that creates a lot of stress. It leads to anxiety related dreams which highlight your deepest worries and may cause you to panic.

Easy Recalling Dreams

Some dreams are very difficult to recall after you wake up in the morning, but during pregnancy, women report to be able to recall maximum dreams that they see during the sleeping hours. Emotion triggered dreams are actually easy to recall and remember.


There is a high chance you will experience happy dreams during your pregnancy, but the nightmares will also make their way in. The fear about the delivery of the baby or labour pain can give rise to sad or worrying nightmares. But it’s just a dream so you must try and forget it the next day.

Why Do Women Experience Dream Changes During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman is most likely to experience hormonal change which is the biggest contributor to such vivid dream occurrences during sleep time. The hormonal changes will not only be affecting the dreams but also have an impact on your real life. Irritation and dissatisfaction with certain situations can also be a part of hormonal changes.

Dreams are pathways to channel your emotions. It shows that your body is healthy and you are getting enough sleep to rest. So its best to do yoga, listen to music or read books to keep unpleasant dreams away and fill your mind with happy and hopeful thoughts.

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