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When will your Pregnancy begin to Show?

You took a home pregnancy test and your doctor has just confirmed your pregnancy – congratulations! You are in for a rollercoaster of a time with your precious baby growing inside for the next few months.

Most new mothers-to-be are concerned about foetal development in the first trimester. They have heard stories of other women losing their babies during this time, so they decide to announce their pregnancy in the second trimester ‘just to be safe’. But they are also concerned about another thing: how soon will their pregnancy show?

Though it differs from woman to woman, normally the pregnancy begins to show after the 12th week. For some, there is not much sign of the pregnancy apart from a slight weight gain. The very first sign of pregnancy is a fuller figure, which some might attribute to weight gain.

The reason the pregnancy first shows is that with the foetus developing, the hitherto tiny uterus begins to expand. Soon the expanding uterus rises above the pelvic cavity and becomes visible as a protruding waist. This is when people will first begin to ask you if you are expecting a baby.

The position of the baby inside the womb is also a factor in how soon the pregnancy becomes apparent. Another important factor is whether the woman is pregnant with twins or triplets, in which case the uterus expands faster than when the woman is carrying one baby. Besides, the mother’s weight and body type at the time of conceiving the baby can also determine how soon the pregnancy will show. But if the pregnancy is not too apparent even in the second trimester, there is no reason to worry. The doctor will alert you if there is any sign of foetal distress – till then, you can relax!

Normally, it is a better idea to stock up on maternity wear towards the end of the first trimester. Since foetal development is observed throughout the pregnancy period, it is better to buy flowy cotton garments that will not pinch at the waist and hips. You will experience periods of frequent urination as well, so it is better to wear comfortable clothing that does not make a trip to the bathroom difficult.

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