What To Eat While You’re Trying For Pregnancy?

The gift of pregnancy is the most beautiful gift in a woman’s life. However, the reasons for not being able to conceive at the right time can be many – lifestyle choices, genetic or medical. But if you have been only blaming yourself for not being able to become pregnant, remember enjoying parenthood is teamwork.

Therefore, you should not just evaluate your and your partner’s lifestyle choices like drinking alcohol, smoking, feeling stressed out, and eating unhealthily, but consider treating the medical conditions as well.

Well! Out of everything else, eating healthy, in the right quantum, and making the right choices is of utmost importance when it comes to organic foods that increase fertility.

Read On To Find Out What Are Those Lists Of Food

Ensure Half Your Platter Is Filled With Fruits and Veggies

Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, claim that, due to high consumption of trans fat or processed food, or carbohydrates or sugar from carbs, or animal fat or protein, almost 19000 women are found with risk of disorder in ovulation. Therefore, filling most of the platter with colourful fruits and green vegetables, like beetroot, capsicum are natural foods to increase the fertility in women, helping in improving her quality of egg.

fruits veggies

Ensure That You Consume Healthy Unsaturated Fats

Eating processed food, oily food ( like any kind of fries), few kinds of margarine are all unhealthy sources of trans fats or unsaturated fat. Having such food will increase insulin resistance, which means glucose will move from the bloodstream to the cells, with great difficulty. Higher insulin levels will result in disturbance metabolism, thus affecting the ovulation or the ovulation cycle. Therefore, consuming healthy and plant-based fat like nuts, avocados, and grapeseed oil helps in bringing the ovulation cycle in order and promotes fertility.

oily food

Ensure That You Increase Your Intake Of Good Carbs

After all, good carbs (like whole grains and beans) have fiber in them. They can be easily digested and have a slow effect on insulin. Additionally, refined grains are rich with fertility-friendly vitamins (B, E, and fiber), which help in improving ovulation.

Ensure That You Increase Your Protein Intake

But not from red meat. Red meat might increase weight and disturb oestrogen levels, thus affecting fertility. However, chicken, turkey, and pork are important sources of proteins. In fact, they are building blocks for a healthy pregnancy. Opting for plant protein is also a very good idea. They are rich in healthy fats and are low in calories.

increase your protein intake

Ensure That You Get One or Two Servings of Whole Milk or Other Full-fat Dairy Products

As intake of low-fat dairy increases the risk of infertility.

To Conclude

Since time immemorial, infertility has existed in India. Some of you talk about it. Some of you don’t want to talk about it, even in this modern era.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9% married women of the childbearing age are infertile. In fact, there are several couples, who are infertile due to lower sperm counts, poor sperm motility in the male counterpart. Besides the men being obese, and following unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking, etc.  

Therefore, knowing what are the foods to eat to increase fertility, would be of your help. 

 To top it all, taking small and frequent meals, cutting down on fried and cholesterol rich food ( like red meat, cheese, oily food, ghee and butter) is a good idea. 

If you’re still not getting the expected results. Consult your doctor immediately.