How Do You Know That A Cord Blood Bank Is Safe?

Learning about the self-repairing power of cord blood stem cells, there are many expecting parents who decide upon umbilical cord blood banking and bear the cost for it.  After all, thinking about the health and safety of the baby, before his or her arrival is the responsibility of an expecting parent.

And undoubtedly, they choose the best cord blood banking company.

In fact, while choosing the best, the parents-to-be would have to consider the reasons for making it the best. Out of many things like being accredited, and using the most innovative technology for processing the cord blood stem cells, the best cord blood banks choose biologically safe methods from collection to transportation, processing and retrieval.

Read this engaging article to know how:

Safe Collection Process

cord blood collection from cord blood bank

The baby may be born vaginally or via an emergency C – section, once the baby and the placenta is delivered, the cord is disinfected and the vein is punctured to clamp and cut it a few inches apart. Then the caregiver inserts a sterile needle and collects the blood left behind in the umbilical cord and the placenta in a sterile collection bag. This bag, in fact, is kept is safe condition inside an x-ray free certified collection kit box, which again filled with anti-coagulant, thus preventing the blood from clotting, before it reaches the laboratory. 

Safely Designed Transportation Container

Basically, the collection kit box is coated with hard plastic, and has vacuum insulation in it. It is designed in this way, so that temperature is properly maintained and that the temperature is absolutely under control, when the sample cord blood unit is getting transported to the lab or the transplant center, even during harsh weather conditions. 

Biologically Safe Processing Labs

The baby’s cord blood and tissue are processed in a biologically safe, clean environment and well-equipped labs. 

Safe Transportation Facility

The best cord blood banking company takes the complete responsibility to deliver the sample in time and in good condition at the transplant centre for final usage. In fact, the logistic partners with its best-controlled measures ensure absolutely safe and timely delivery of the sample unit. In case the stem cells are found to have been damaged during transportation from storage facility to the transplant centre, we either offer an alternate matching sample or a compensation. 

Safe and Advanced Storage Methods

For future testing, the cord blood is stored in a 25ml multi compartment cryobag with integral segments. In fact, some private cord blood banks keep the baby’s stem cells in frozen state (-190 Degrees), so that, the stem cells can be preserved anywhere between 21 to 75 years of a baby’s life.  

To Conclude

As compared to the other cord blood banks, who give no assurance on the maintenance or who give no surety of safety or timely transportation of the sample unit to the transplantation center, Cordlife India, the largest network of private cord blood bank in Asia, is safe.

All that the clients need to do is pay a nominal price to keep their baby’s cord unit safe with Cordlife for 21yrs or more and enjoy exclusive ownership and accessibility throughout the tenure¬ and retrieve it when there is need for transplantation.