Weekend Activities for Toddlers

You probably never have much time for activities during the week. On vacation and on the weekend, of course, it looks different. It is very easy for you to find activities around the house or outside that you can enjoy with your toddler.

Hide and Seek:

Hide-and-seek does not just mean that one of you is hiding. You can also hide something in the room. This is not just a game, but also a playful training for concentration. Search games fulfill an educational purpose. Make it particularly exciting by carefully considering where you are hiding something. But always choose a hiding place that is also accessible to your child.

Read to your Child:

If you cannot leave the house, make yourself comfortable and read something to your child. You can also look at a picture book together, and you can tell what can be seen there. If your child can already speak enough, a conversation develops out of watching pictures. Surely your child will ask questions. That is important for mental development. Take every question seriously. If you cannot answer a question because you have never had that thought, find the answer. Involve your child. Show him where the encyclopedias are or how you search the Internet for answers. You can also go to the public library with him. Do not tell a child that it asked a stupid question. If you do not know something, answer “I do not know. Come on, we’ll find it out together.”

Your response is critical to your child’s emotional development and attitude towards learning later on.

Encourage their Curiosity:

Children are curious by nature. This curiosity is the prerequisite for learning something. Talk a lot with your child. When you’re out on the road, point out interesting things. Ask your child what the traffic signs might mean when you are driving. You will hear very funny conjectures that can quickly become really cute anecdotes. Always encourage your child to let their imagination run wild and have a fun conversation.

Act Out in Front of the Mirror:

The mirror is an entertainment that is part of the development of babies: the recognition of one’s own image in the mirror is indeed absolutely necessary for the formation of the notion of the self. Smile, pull out your tongue and make faces in front of the mirror, your child will laugh a lot, learn to recognize and socialize, and you’ll be able to watch his cute little face for as long as you want.

Finally, it is important to take part in activities that expand your child’s horizons. The foundations of intelligence are laid very early. The child must be taught to be curious and this can happen through activities given above. Virtually anything can become a fun-filled game from sweeping the driveway to a visit to the mall.

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