Building a Healthy, Happy Bond With Your Baby!

When a new member arrives in your family it does take some time to bond with that individual. The same holds true for your baby. A favourable bonding always happens over a span of time. And little ones take their own sweet time to express themselves. So if you are finding it tough to bond with your baby, here are few guidelines that will enable you to bond better and deeper with your baby. So here goes!

Drop All Expectations

This is essential. The online videos we see online and stories we hear from our friend circle, often raises our expectation that we are going to bond with our little ones very soon and very fast. Sometimes this is not the situation. Babies bond in their own time. There are moments when they are very expressive and on other times, they are rather shy. So allow ample time for them to gradually open up and feel comfortable in your presence. This might take few months. So don’t compare and be slightly patient.

Opt In For Close and Skin-to-skin Moments

When you hold your little one close to you, it automatically creates a cosy and close feel. The feeling of their skin being close and next to you creates a loving and affectionate feeling. So as soon as you get home post delivery you can initiate moments of skin-to-skin closeness with your little one. Daily 30 minutes of the same in a calm and relaxed manner will simply work wonders in your relationship. This is something that you can’t do on a busy room filled with your family members. But once you have the room and space all to yourself, you can go ahead with this. You will love the way you bond with your baby.

Sing to Your Little One

The best way to bond with your little one is to try out different activities. This will enable you to know the pulse of your baby. It need not be a nursery rhyme. It can be anything that is musical. And you surely don’t have to be like an ace singer, but just being able to get your baby’s interest will be enough. Remember, that when you love your singing, chances are your little one will love it too.

Listen To Your Little One’s Heart Beat

Babies like anything soft and sweet. In the beginning days you will have to spend a lot of time letting them know you are keen to discover more about them. So when you are all free and playing with your little one you can simply listen to the baby’s heart beat. This is going to be a unique experience. The silent throbbing of your little one’s heart that you hear will make you feel all the joy. The feeling is inexplicable. And gradually even your little one will realize the love and emotion involved with this act. That’s when he/she will gradually start to bond with you.

Do Interesting Creative and Fun Things

Baby’s bond when you spend ample time with them doing things that is fun and interesting. For instance, you could simply turn on the music and start dancing. You might find that your baby bursts down into laughter for this. That aside, you could bring a colour book and allow your little one to go all abstract with colours and have a good time. Sometimes giving your toddler a little baby message also makes the little one feel happy.

There are several ways in which you can bond with your little one. Other than the one’s discussed here you can simply create your own. However, these steps are a good place to start as well.

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