Week 25 –Time of Your Newborn Turning Pink

If you are in week 25 of your pregnancy then you are towards the end of the second trimester. This is the timewhen there will be lots of changes in you as well as your baby. Your baby will be continuously moving and growing to meet the outer world. You may develop heartburn, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and various other symptoms.

Development of baby

Your 25-week baby is gaining fat which will make your baby’s skin smoother in texture. If the hair of your baby is already grown then its color and texture will become visible. The reflexes of your baby are now developing. This time your baby must be playing inside your womb and they had already developed their ability to hear the mother’s voice as well as other noises. The blood capillaries of your baby start developing under the skin that will make your baby look pink. According to American association of pregnancy the baby inside your womb is 13 inches long and 0.7-0.8 kg in weight. This is the time when various tests of your baby are done to check your baby’s chromosomal conditions, genetic conditions, chromosome abnormalities, inherited disorders, etc.

Changes in your body

By week 25 you have already gained 7-8 kg of weight

Many women start feeling more tired around the end of their second trimester. Your belly is getting bigger, so it makes sense if you feel weighed down. Some of the symptoms of week 25 of pregnancy include:

  • Restless leg syndrome occurs this time and it can make you feel like moving your legs to get relief from tingling sensation in legs. This symptom mainly occurs when you are sleeping whether it is a daytime or at night. RSL is caused by the iron deficiencies and hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • The changes in hormones restrict loss of hair throughout your pregnancy.
  • Fluid retention, hormonal changes, sensitivity of nerve, changes in glucose levels can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Increase in the uterus is putting pressure on the pelvic region causing haemorrhoids which will disappear after delivery. The growing baby also put pressure in the digestive tract which may cause bloating and indigestion.

To do for this week

During this week ultrasound of your baby is done and you will be happiest ever to see the ultrasound image of your baby. This procedure is done by using high-frequency sound waves to produce diagnostic images. However it must be done only after it is asked by your gynecologist and must be performed by trained professionals, such as radiologists, or obstetricians.

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