How To Introduce A Newly Born Baby To Its Sibling?

Adding a second child to your family is a beautiful change for the parents and also the older sibling. It seems to be new beginnings for the family members as bringing a second child to your home is a new responsibility. At the time of your first child, your entire focus is on how to take care of the baby. However, with the second one you will have dual responsibilities in which you have to fulfill the needs of both the children.

It’s likely to have a big impact on your family. Your older child may show a reaction by seeing that the attention of mom and dad had divided on the other child also.

You need not to worry because it’s not a tough job. Just you have to introduce your older child to the new baby and encourage building up a strong bond between the siblings. Here are few parenting tips and tricks to help keep your big kids at ease with the new member of the family:

  • During pregnancy you must tell your older kid about the baby that is growing inside the womb. Talk to them and get them excited about becoming a big sister or brother.
  • Before your newborn’s arrival, read your kid books about the new baby. After reading the books, you must talk as well as interact with the older kid about the newborn baby. Discuss with them how life is going to change once he or she arrives.
  • Let your kid celebrate with the homecoming of the newborn baby. Let the father, carry the child at the time of arrival. Greet your child excitingly. Also let your older baby give a gift to your newborn.
  • When there is a new baby in the house, the entire focus shifts around him or her. When any guest visits your home to see the new baby, make them remember about the older child. Ask them to greet the older one and talk with them.
  • There is a certain not focus on the quantity of time you’re spending with your kid. Give them quality by just reading out a book, play a puzzle with them or just simply listen to what happened at their school. In this way, your kid wouldn’t feel ignored.
  • It is really not safe to leave your older child under 5 years of age with the baby.
  • New-born need lot of attention. So, it will be a better option to ask your older baby to do easy tasks of your new-born. This will allow you to spend time with both of your kids and let them get to know each other.

Along with this parenting you must also tell the elder sibling about the cord cell preservation that you have done of your newborn baby. So that in future in your absence if any of the siblings need stem cell transplantation, they will have the knowledge that the cord blood stem cells of their brother or sister is still preserved which can be used for treatment.

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