Week 24 – Your Baby Is Still Skinny

At 24th week of pregnancy, your baby is continuously gaining weight and most of the weight gain occurs due to the growth of organs, bones, muscles and fat. Your baby’s skin may look thin but will change gradually. This is the time when your baby is growing fast that will make you feel tired due to the use of lots of energy.

Development of baby

Your baby is now 32cm long and 0.6-0.7 kg as reported by the American association of pregnancy. The brain of your baby is growing very fast; taste buds are developing and lungs are fully developed. However, there is no fat deposit on the skin, it makes the skin look transparent so the organs, bones and blood vessels are visible from outside the skin. The melanin secretion has not yet started so the colours of hair are still white due to no pigment. Your baby will remain more active during the period of 24-28 weeks because after this period your baby will grow and fit into the womb.

Changes in your body

If you are thinking about what changes will occur during this week, then here are some points you may notice:

  • You might get haemorrhoids caused due to the increase in blood pressure in the veins surrounding the rectum. This causes enlargement of veins which leads to piles or haemorrhoids.
  • Growing uterus causes stretch in the nerves which are holding the uterus. This stretching cause pain in the nerves which is known as round ligament pain.
  • Swelling is very common during pregnancy due to the fluid accumulation in the lower part of the body. This fluid gets redistributed throughout the body while sleeping which eventually causes pain in the body.
  • Your migraines might become severe during this time along with nausea or changes in vision.
  • Linea Nigra is formed at the center of the belly which is induced by the secretion of pregnancy hormone.

Tips for this week

During this time, your healthcare provider must perform a glucose test for checking gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes occurs at the time of pregnancy. During this time your body is unable to produce an adequate amount of insulin to control the sugar level in the blood. It causes frequent urination, makes you thirstier, fatigue and nausea.

Almost 2.5% of pregnant mothers to have to get gestational diabetes. This occurs due to the release in excessive hormones which leads to insulin resistance. However, you need to worry just follow the tips for a proper diet, exercises and proper medication that will help you to control the blood sugar level.