Week 23 – Initiation of Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Beginning of your sixth month pregnancy is the time when your baby starts breathing. Talk to your health care provider or nurse if you have any worries about your weight gain spectrum. Everyone has their opinion, but you should be listening to your gynaecologist or midwife.

Development of baby

Your baby is about the size of a large mango, Length 11 inches, one pound. Fine, silky hair called lanugo develops all over baby’s body from now, grows in whirling patterns and helps insulate and protect the baby in the womb. Rolling up and down of baby’s eyes begins around now. Amniotic fluid is a pale, straw coloured liquid consisting 99% of water. Baby sheds skin cells, lanugo and vernix into the amniotic fluid.

Changes in your body

This is the time your baby requires a ton of nutrients. You may need an additional intake as the baby utilizes more and more of the vitamins and minerals that are transported to the baby. That’s why, in addition to your prenatal vitamin, physicians sometimes prescribe iron supplements during the second quarter of pregnancy. The intake of iron supplements can assist decrease your occurrence of anemia. Anemia is a disease that is caused due to the deficiency of iron reducing the oxygen supply to the body. It may lead to health issues such as severe fatigue, deficiency, shortness of breath, and dizziness. If you experience any of these symptoms during your second or fifth trimesters, contact your doctor immediately.

Tips for this week

Remain fit and active because it has many advantages for you and your child to be involved during pregnancy. It will not only assist you to sleep better but also make you feel less worried and unhappy. This is because your brain generates hormones called endorphins when you remain active. Endorphins are associated with well-being emotions. The body is more responsive to endorphins, so exercise can increase your energy for longer period.

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