Things Which Unborn Baby Don’t Like

Pregnancy is a super exciting time for a woman and you become enthusiastic about doing a lot of things for her unborn baby. However, you might be thinking that how will you choose according to the choices of the baby. You need not to worry because when you do your daily activities your baby will communicate with you. Also there are certain things your baby doesn’t like while it is still inside your womb. Here is the list of such things.

  1. Whenever you laugh, your belly gets jerks which make your baby uncomfortable. The reason behind is the womb is filled with fluid so when you laugh make sure to hold your belly. This will avoid jerk and do not discomfort your baby.
  2. Touching your baby from outside the belly must be an awesome feeling for you and your baby will also love that. However, you must not poke or touch your baby too much because it can irritate your baby and might move away from its place.
  3. Music helps both the mother and the baby to keep happy and relaxed. However, babies do not like loud noise or music. They get irritated from d9ffrent types of loud noises such as noise of the mixer grinder or the horns of the traffic. So be careful and stay away from the places where there is loud noise.
  4. Doctor always advices the pregnant woman to stay away from stress and remain happy. It is very natural that increase in your hormone level increases the stress level. However, too much stress will affect your health as well as growth of the baby. For reducing stress you can try some techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. You can also ask your partner and other family member not to create stress in the family.
  5. You may love to eat spicy food but it might be hated by the baby and make it irritated. Everything the mother eats is directly passes to the baby and is swallowed by the baby through the amniotic fluid. Whenever you eat spicy food your baby moves in an unpleasant mother inside the womb.
  6. Most important thing is don’t be sad. If you get stressed and too much sad then it creates a negative impact on your baby. This may effects the growth of the baby and might affect the development of the brain. So stay away from all the negative things and be positive.

Now that you know about the things that your baby won’t like, so you must try not to do such things. You must keep in mind that your baby carries some of your traits after birth. So be careful and stay happy.