Things that Babies Learn Inside the Womb

Is your newborn baby reacting to your favourite song? You must be confused that how is this possible. Then you must know that babies can feel the activities of the mother while they are still unborn.

The babies who are born and growing starts learning from their parents as well as from the surrounding environment. But do you know that the unborn babies also learn while they are still inside their mother’s womb. During their growth inside the womb they start to understand their parents. They also start to identify different types of smell; they can hear and do lots of things. By hearing any kind of music, they sometimes move inside the womb.

This is the time when their brain is growing and everything for them is fascinating. So, they start reacting to every amazing thing occurring in their surroundings. So, it is very important for the expected parents to do positive things and stay away from all types of negativity.

Here are some things that babies learns inside the womb of the mother.

  1. Develops taste – If you are craving towards a particular food then it is 100% sure that your baby will also like the same food when it will start eating. As for example, if a pregnant lady eats more fruits and vegetables, then at the time when it will learn to eat it will crave for more fruits and vegetables. American association of pregnancy proves that the taste buds of the baby is developed according to the food that is eaten by the mother during her pregnancy.
  2. Recognizes sound – You might not believe but even before the birth your baby develops the sense of hearing. It is able to hear all of the noises of the mother’s body as well as the outside environment. During the time of the fifth month of gestation, the baby starts responding to the sounds that it hears and starts reacting by doing movements inside the womb.
  3. React to stress – Whenever an expectant mother suffers from stress the unborn baby also gets affected. This condition is very harmful for the baby. when a mother gets stress her body releases stress hormones that is passed on to the uterus. Researcher Dr. Pathik Wadhwa of the University of California said that “When the mother is stressed, several biological changes occur, including elevation of stress hormones and increased likelihood of intrauterine infection. The foetus builds itself permanently to deal with this kind of high-stress environment, and once it’s born may be at greater risk for a whole bunch of stress-related pathologies”.
  4. Respond to light – During the seventh month of pregnancy, the baby starts blinking its eyes. But as the uterus is having little light, the baby keeps the eyelid shut at the time of birth. Doctors from all around the world said that during an ultrasound they saw the closing and opening of eyelids of baby.

All of these things that a baby does inside the womb is to prepare itself for the outer world. All of the babies are curious from the time they are in the mother’s womb and also after the birth. So, it is advisable to both the parents, as you are going a welcome a new member in your family you must remain careful about the environment of your home. You must be careful about the things you are doing in home. The reason behind is proper care during pregnancy is very important for the proper growth of the baby.