Thinking about Cord Blood Banking? Expect these answers to your Questions

With every passing day, more and more parents are realizing the importance of storing their babies’ cord blood. After all, the stem cells present in the Cord Blood have the power to cure critical illnesses like metabolic ailments, blood disorders, immunity problems and certain cancers too, in the future. Essentially, they can be life-saving. However, before you decide to sign up for cord blood banking, here are 5 questions that you should ask.

Is the company stable and profitable enough to sustain for 21 years and beyond?

Choose a company that has been in the business for a long time, preferably for decades. Large companies and big brands, which are pioneers and have operations in various countries, are stable as well as trustworthy. They are profitable enough to sustain themselves for a long time.

Benefits of banking with big companies:

  • Unmatched commitment, transparency, superior quality services and peerless expertise.
  • Just sign-up with a trusted brand and your baby’s cord blood will be safely stored and you will have complete rights and access too.
  • The exclusive advantage of comprehensive stem cell banking is that it allows the storage of epithelial cells along with hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells.
  • An all-inclusive protection is offered for the entire family for different medical treatments.
  • A large collection of stored and released cord blood demonstrates the company’s experience and expertise. Such a company is trusted by a large number of parents and has an excellent history of client satisfaction. These factors ultimately are an assessment of the company’s business stability.
  • If a company participates in biotechnology research, it is another positive sign of its strength.

What are the accreditations of the company?

Accreditations ensure that best practices and rigorous quality control standards are followed by the company for cord blood and tissue collection, processing, storage and distribution. These accreditations are done by international quality assurance organizationsas well as local governing regulatory bodies. Some of the relevant accreditations are:

  • American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), which confirms compliance with US Federal laws
  • Drug Controller General India (DCGI)
  • College of American Pathologist(CAP), which ensures compliance with testing standards

Choose a company where audits are conducted at appropriate intervals to conform to the stringent guidelines. Such companies are reputable and trustworthy and guarantee utmost safety in stem cell preservation. Often, such companies are recipients of awards that recognize their high quality and innovations in technology. They are often honored for their excellent customer satisfaction policy, which is built on trust and transparency.

What is the technology used for processing the cord blood & tissue?

Go for companies that use cutting-edge technology to ensure the maximum recovery of viable stem cells. Such companies often use exclusive patented technologies and processes invented by renowned scientists. Usually, characteristics of good technology are:

  • Laboratory Accreditations: Certifications from international quality control organizations like FDA, AABB etc.
  • Use of innovative technology and quality control protocols: This ensures accuracy and reliability
  • Automation of processes: Zero possibility of manual inaccuracy, thereby giving consistent and reliable results
  • Safety and sterility of the processing unit: Entirely closed and perfectly monitored processing unit to eliminate errors and cross-contamination

Are you insured for future transplant & which company is insuring you?

Choose a stem cell insurance policy that is comprehensive and covers the cost of treatments for which stem cell transplants are the protocol. In that case, the cost of matching and ensuring the viability of stem cells is also covered. If, at the time of transplant, the stem cells lose their potency, the insurance provider will find a match or offer a monetary compensation.

Some of the best insurance companies provide other benefits too. They might cover the treatment cost of pregnancy and delivery complications, as well as offer family coverage. They might also waive off storage costs in case of disability or death of a spouse and cover expenses related to medical malpractice. Thus, such umbrella coverage will give you and your entire family complete mental peace.

What happens if the stored stem cells are destroyed?

In case the stored stem cells get destroyed, the company should guarantee either of these two choices:

  • Replacement of the cord blood, if you need it, without any charges
  • Appropriate monetary compensation

Since going for cord blood blanking is an important decision and something that concerns your baby’s future and wellbeing, it is natural to have many questions. As parents before you zero down on the cord blood banking company whom you will entrust to secure your babies precious stem cells for more than two decades of his life.   Why tell you why Cordlife, a brand known for its premium-ness  should be your first and only choice.