Stem Cells – Saving Today Saving Tomorrow

A healthy and fit child – is what every parent strives to achieve. The most important thought that occupies a parent’s mind is whether they are doing everything possible to secure their child’s health now and in future – be it timely vaccinations, proper food or timely medical care. Stem cell banking is one such decision that a parent needs to consider even prior to the birth of their li’l one.

 “Banking stem cells today will give your children and family the advantage of a healthy future.”

Saving cord blood has multiple benefits and usually opted for personal and medical reasons. Would-be-parents, now-a-days, are more familiar with the advantages of saving cord blood stem cells, that is why more and more people are leaning towards cord blood banking. Let us know how an entire family can benefit from the much necessary hope offered by cord blood stem cell banking

Save Lives Without Hassle

The umbilical cord which connects the mother and the baby also nourishes the baby in the womb. The cord and the blood inside it can be easily collected at the time of birth once the baby is separated. It is a safe and painless procedure and does not pose any risk either to the baby or the mother.

Shrug Off Life-threatening Diseases

This is the perfect reply for those who ask why they should save their cord blood stem cells, the probability of needing a stem cell transplant in one’s life is considerably high i.e.1 in 200. Cord blood transplant is regarded as a standard treatment for around 80 life-threatening disorders like lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma. A perfect match is a perfect chance of saving you – Your baby’s cryopreserved cord blood stem cells will be a perfect match for your baby and also a ready source of genetically related stem cells for immediate family members. Chances of matching between siblings are 60% higher in case of using a cord blood unit as compared to any other source.

Regeneration is Possible

Stem cells are known to replicate and renew themselves as well as differentiate and multiply into different types of cells. This unique ability to regenerate and repair damaged parts of the body has helped to create a potential treatment option of regenerative medicine. Cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells which can be easily collected, processed and cryopreserved. Banking these precious stem cells at the time of birth offers a life-saving treatment option; if ever required in the future.

With some of the advanced technology such as cord blood collected after childbirth, stem cell isolation, processing of stem cells and newer applications using these stored stem cells has made stem cell banking a promising proposition to safeguard the health of not only the child but also the entire family.