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Too Soon? Too Late? Here’s When to Disclose the News of Your Pregnancy!

Want to make this moment priceless? You are not the only one! Millions of women get confused trying to find the perfect way of telling their loved ones about the baby! The most crucial decision for expecting parents is the one to disclose the news of pregnancy.

Here are some of the innovative yet common ways and times for disclosing your pregnancy.

Early Birds

Many people are not okay with the notion of keeping their pregnancy a secret. The advantage of disclosing your pregnancy earlier is the opportunity for your friends and family to enjoy the majestic initial excitement with you. Most important of all, you don’t have to make any excuses about your pregnancy.

The morning sickness would make it difficult to fake your pregnancy too. It is good that your co-workers know that you are pregnant rather than thinking that you are skipping work.

The facility of support and comfort in the case of complications is also one of the important benefits of disclosing your pregnancy early.

In cases where you have an unsafe environment at work, you should inform your boss right away. Early disclosure can save you from a lot of hazards and embarrassments.

Extending Till the First Trimester

By the end of the first trimester, the risk of miscarriage drops radically. Therefore, this is also the right time to spill the pregnancy beans.

You can also keep away the funny glares and comments about your bulging stomach by telling about your pregnancy in the first trimester.

There is no reason to worry about missing out on celebrations for your pregnancy with your family and loved ones.

Middle Road Followers

Women at higher risk of complications because of previous losses can wait till the second trimester. Such couples prefer to wait for the passing of any complications.

Some forms of prenatal testing, such as amniocentesis, are not possible until almost 16 to 18 weeks. Therefore, women expecting termination because of genetic defects could prefer to wait for clear test results for pregnancy before disclosing the big news.

Late Bloomers

The final trimester disclosure is not a very common option, although there are not many people who would go for this option.

Many women choose this option to stay away from unwanted advice or criticism.

Others tend to keep their pregnancy under wraps due to professional obligations where the workplaces are not supportive.

It is essential to know that hiding a third-trimester pregnancy could be very difficult, especially when you interact with people in person. With people knowing about your pregnancy and you not discussing it, you can find awkward interactions becoming very prominent.

Here Comes the Rebels!

Many women tend to spill the pregnancy news according to their convenience. It is best to choose which people you wish to tell the news to. For example, you can tell the news to family members in the initial stages and disclose the news to friends and office colleagues in the first trimester.

Such type of approach is ideal for sharing your excitement with your loved ones and staying away from chances for explanations in case anything goes wrong.

However, you may also face the risks of unwanted leaks. For example, office gossip may spread the news of your pregnancy like wildfire.

So, give it a thought and discussion with your partner about how you want to disclose the big news! Give it some thought and think of the approach that works best for you.

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