Siblings and Cord Blood: How your baby’s cord blood can help treat a sibling?

Human ailments are always on the rise. And so are its treatments! Doctors and medical experts are constantly experimenting with new treatment modalities to be able to cure chronic ailments. One such medium is cord blood stem cell transplant. This has gained prominence in the recent times, owing to the success stories about patients who had strongly combat ailments through courage and advanced cord blood stem cell therapy. This is the reason why parents-to-be and families are opting in to save cord blood of their children. As even the sibling’s cord blood can be used to treat another child.

About cord blood stem cell properties

Simply put, cord blood is one important element that is sourced from the blood which gets gathered from the placenta and the umbilical cord, at the time of the child’s birth. Things were not so advanced in the yester years, Today families and parents have the scope of cord blood banking, freezing as well as preserving their children’s cord blood stem cell tissues. This is done so that they can save their children from any chronic ailments in the days to come.

Umbilical cord blood comprises of beneficial stem cells. It is essential to know that such cells are not the same as the embryonic cells that few people consider objectionable. However, the stem cells that are sourced from cord blood are called adult stem cells, which can be sourced from the body post development. These cells are known to rejuvenate the dying cells and also replenish the damaged tissues as well.

Cord blood stem cells sourced from a child’s cord blood can simply replace or repair a damaged tissue that took place at the time of injury. This can take place at the time of malignant disorders in terms of dangerous cancers and also hematologic disorders, for instance the bone marrow transplants. Cord blood stem cells can also regenerate the immune system and also the blood flow.

The aspect of allogenic and autologous matches

Selecting a private cord blood bank to store the cord blood stem cells of a child, means that the concerned family doesn’t need to look out for any external donor in times of need! Whether it’s a family member or a sibling, the cord blood stem cell of one child that has been saved will work. However, here there are two principal matches that need to be considered i.e. the allogenic and the autologous matches.

Simply put, an autologous match takes place when one child resorts to make use of cord blood that has been saved at the time of their own birth back in time. This surely is going to be a 100% match. There are also situations when this same blood can be utilized for a sibling. In that case, it’s known as allogenic match.

Storing an infant’s cord blood stem cells leads to a medical security measure

We are genetically associated with our own brothers and sisters. Simply because we inherit one half of our DNA from our mother and the other half from our parents! And by going in for this logic it’s our siblings that have the same DNA as our parents. Hence, in times of need we will have the advantage of using our sibling’s cord blood stem cell tissue that has been saved or banked at a private bank. This match makes the cord blood stem cell transplant simple and easy.

Till date cord blood stem cell transplant have been known to cure as much as 80 ailments. Owing to its unique capacity the cord blood stem cell usages are many. Today, doctors and other medical experts are constantly researching on this subject so as to come up with cures for medical conditions that still are said to possess no treatments.


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