How to Share The Joy Of Music With Your Baby

Music- it is so harmonious to your ears when it really yields a feeling of joy to your heart. The music has the power and is an advanced skill believed to spread joy throughout a lifetime. Not only does it limit its goodness to mesmerize you, it is equally beneficial for your kids too. Multiple studies have already advocated for the encouragement of music among kids as they improve cognition, memory, expressiveness, and self-confidence. If you worry, you cannot encourage your baby for the music education; you may be surprised to know that even the fetus in the womb reacts to the sounds of music and move in the uterus. Is this enough convincing to inspire your babies for music learning? Let us see.

It is usual to see your baby tapping their feet to the tunes of radio commercials or heavy music being aired on the TV. But, do you think this is the right parameter to judge their liking for music?

Perhaps, this is not the correct standard to measure their attachment to the music, but music does have some interesting components, yielding good results for the development of babies.

A comprehensive study spanning over ten years by the UCLA professor Dr. James Cattarell, proved beneficial for children.

The study reported an improvement from a perspective of education, which monitored more than 2,000 students and concluded that students involved in music did better results in academic examinations than those without musical involvement.

Every child loves music and it is universal, no matter how old are they. Even a child as young as six months old can benefit from music with a regular exposure to it. Music has the ability to build their math concepts and not to mention- their fine motor skills.

So, how early should you start to encourage your child to learn music and what benefits do they provide for your baby?

Music provides you the best opportunity to bond with your baby. You can initiate the process of music learning as early as six months. With different types of musical instruments being introduced to them, they can explore their fingers and toes and learn the importance of their movements.

Enhance the Listening Skill

Being a parent, it is crucial that you listen to music and expand the preference of music. This will allow you to discover the preference of your kid too. There is no musical bias in children, and they love music only because they love it without any influences from the external media. If you want to instill a taste of music in your kids, it is important you listen to music with your kids. Play a CD or record collections.

Sing It

It is so cute and lovable when your little one sings. Regardless of it being without any perfect pitch and rhythm, they sound just super fine and melodious to your ears. They sing anytime they like. But, parents do not hold onto their musical skills all through their lives and feel uneasy to sing any song.  Keep it in mind that children just do not care how you sing; they just want your participation. So, join them and enjoy the fun singing with your baby. Singing together eases the bonding and makes every day activity enjoyable.

Make a Jig

It is interesting to dance to music. When you encourage your kid to dance to music, it helps them burn off calories and sharpen their brains. Get into action with your kid. Always remember that it is a better way to keep your baby physically fit all through the year.

The music is dynamic and meant to be fun only. So, unleash the best of music to your baby and let her enjoy its essence.

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