Rejoice Your Love with Your Baby of 12th Week….

After you completed the duration of week 11, now you entered into your second trimester. This is the time of your 3 months of pregnancy when the size of your baby is like a plum. This week is landmark for your baby asthis is the most important time when most of the organs and body systems are fully grown.

Now you will be knowing about your baby

At 12 weeks, your baby had fully completed the time span of three months. All its organs, muscles, bones, limbs and the sex organs are completely grown. This is the time of growing stronger and bigger. The muscles and the brain are continuously developing. This will remain continuous up to next 28 weeks. At this time you can hear your baby’s heartbeat. Nails started growing. Eyelids are formed but remain closed.

Your body in week 12

First of all, congratulations to those mothers who had already passed the tiring first trimester. You can see the baby bump but it is different in every woman. By this time you must feel increase in discharge because it protects vagina from infection. Headache may start to intensify, which is caused due to the shift in hormone, dropping in blood sugar level, dehydration, stress and sleeplessness. Due to the increase in blood pressure you might sometimes feel dizziness.

For managing these problems

You must drink plenty of water and try to munch in a regular interval. You must do some exercises during this week to reduce weight gain and backache. If you are bearing your child between October to May then you must take flu vaccine. This is the time when you must start doing the kegel exercises. It will help to shorten your labour and faster recover after birth. You must avoid drinking alcohol because it may cause serious complication which includes birth defect. You must avoid raw or uncooked sea food as it may lead to salmonella infection.

Here we have tried to give an overview of your week 12 pregnancy. For previous weeks information keep browsing our blog page. Also we will provide you with the some amazing facts about your upcoming weeks of pregnancy.

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