Regrow Your Hair with Stem Cell Therapy

The human body starts degenerating as the age increases. Degeneration of functions of cells, tissues and organs occurs as we age. There are several conditions in our body that are undergoing unnoticed changes even for years such as gradual loss of bone tissue and decreased resilience of blood vessels as well as more obvious physical changes including gray hair, wrinkles and other physiological changes such as social inactivity and decreased sexual functions just to name a few. These factors have the tendency to slow down your body functions.

Loss of hair is something that every day affects thousands of men and women. We often feel helpless because we feel that nothing can be done. However, understanding that this is simply not true is important. There are many things that can either be done to prevent or treat hair loss once it starts. Below are just a few things you can do to combat hair loss.

Diet is important at all times. A nutritional deficiency often causes hair loss. Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables is important. Vitamin supplements are another option for humans as well. But getting your vitamins from a food source is always better. You can also get shampoos or conditions that are supposed to prevent hair loss with special nutrients. They are designed to return the vitamins to the hair and scalp directly.

Stem cells have been used in many treatments since the 1990s. Hair loss stem cell therapy is now a good technique for hair regeneration. Stem cells are used as a substitute for damaged or dead cells in the body in stem cell therapy. Dead cells on the scalp do not grow hair and the area becomes bare. Now if by stem cell therapy we replace the dead cells on the scalp with new ones, then the bald spot can be transformed into a hair-filled area.

This is the basic premise for the treatment of baldness by stem cell therapy. Some have had good results and some have not had good results after using this therapy to treat baldness, especially male pattern baldness. The research is still on and hopefully in the coming years the success rate will improve.

Stem cells are produced in the scientific laboratory and then these cells are injected into the scalp’s bald areas. If the first attempt to generate hair does not work, the doctors will try again, to restore the hair that has reduced due to hair loss. For this purpose, you can contact a dermatologist if you want to try stem cell therapy for hair loss.

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