pregnancy part iii

Week By Week Development of Body in Your Pregnancy III

As we all know that throughout the pregnancy several changes occur. Also, in the previous blog we had already described the changes that occur in the body of a woman. There you will find the detailed changes from week.

Week 1 – 30

Now that you have gathered some knowledge about the changes in the body of a pregnant woman up to week 30, here we will try to enlighten you about the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. We have already published pregnancy part 1 and part 2.

Week 31 – 35

This is the time when you had already entered your 8 months of pregnancy. Your uterus has become such a big that it almost fills up your abdomen. Your baby starts adding up some more fat for its growth. You as a to-be mother must have gained almost 21-27 pounds of weight. During this time, you have to start visiting the doctor for every two weeks. You might continue to have leg cramps and backaches. Your breasts may start secreting a yellowish fluid known as colostrum. Your uterus starts contractions and practice for labour. Your expanded pelvis might cause some pain at the back. Your uterus pushes the lower ribs which leads to the inflammation of the rib cage. You will feel that your baby had started kicking very frequently.

Week 35 – 40

During this time your uterus is located above 6 inches from your navel. Your doctor will advice you to test for Group B streptococcus bacteria. By this time your uterus has grown to its fuller and then you must visit your doctor every week. You might sometimes feel pretty energetic and sometimes becomes fatigue. Also have an achy back as well as feel discomfort and heavy in the lower region of your body. Your doctor will perform an exam of pelvis for checking the progress of pregnancy. By the end of week 37, anytime you may feel the pain of labour which might be a false alarm. But this is the time when most of the babies get delivered that is 2 weeks before the estimated due date.

Now that you have known about the changes in your body during pregnancy from week 1 till the birth of the baby, I hope that you won’t worry about the basic changes in a woman. So, before you arrive week 35 you must keep a bag ready which you will be carrying to the hospital. This bag must contain the medical documents, id proof, some comfy dresses to wear, diapers for baby and some other important things. Along with it you must also keep the Kitbox needed for the cord blood collection that was provided by us for stem cell preservation.

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