Pregnancy Heartburn: Know the Natural Ways to Get Relief From the Burn

Nurturing another life inside you is a joyful feeling for you, no doubt! But pregnancy may not be joyous all the time. The swollen ankles, engorgement of breasts, morning sickness, etc are some of the not-so-glamorous phases of pregnancy. Along with this, there is also a burning sensation near your chest, after whatever you’ve eaten.

But, you can blame it entirely upon the burrito or jalapenos that you had last night or for your breakfast. The pregnancy hormones are the culprit that slows down digestion. The growing baby inside the uterus takes up the space and puts pressure on the stomach.

Heartburn, as the name suggests, feels like a fiery churning behind the breastbone and tends to go up to the oesophagus. Oesophagus is a connecting tube between your throat and stomach. This might be annoying to your throat. This might last from a few minutes to a few hours. You may feel like coughing frequently, feeling bloated, and getting a sour taste in the mouth.

You’ll feel this way somewhere around the second or third trimester, and it can be miserable. But, be rest assured that you’re not the only one, feeling this way during your pregnancy. Nearly 45% of you suffer from heartburn.

Here are a few natural ways to cool the ‘burn:

Watch Out For What You Eat and How You Eat

Since nutritional intake is the most essential both for you and the baby growing inside you, you can do these things when it comes to having your food:

  • Certain foods can trigger burning or give trouble to your stomach. spicy or processed food, pickles, sauces, citrus fruits, chocolates as well as carbonated beverages can trigger acidic tendencies. So, take them off your menu.
  • Make use of gravity. Sit up straight while you’re having your food. Keep your head elevated while you’re sleeping.  
  • Eat in small quarters and frequently throughout the day.
  • Try to chew your food well and eat your food slowly.
  • Try not to eat a few hours before you go to bed at night.

Try Not to Drink and Eat at the Same Time

A blend of food and fluid will tend to disturb your stomach, thus aggravating heartburn. So, it will always be a better option for you to:

  • Drink most of your fluids in between or after meals.
  • Try not to drink water in one go. Make sure that you sip your liquid throughout the day to keep it light on your stomach.
  • Include fruit juices or fresh coconut water to maintain a hydration balance. Coconut water keeps the stomach acid in balance, by easing the morning sickness, especially in your first trimester.

Skip the Tight-fitting Clothes

Tight-fitting clothes press on your belly. It can further force that annoying acidic tendency to back up to your throat from your stomach. So, try to wear comfortable cotton clothes. Flowy skirts, stretchy pants, as well as large-size dresses or kurtas should be your preferred maternity wear.  

Stay Active and Stay Relieved

During pregnancy, there are chances of you feeling anxious about the baby growing inside you. Stress can build up gastric tendencies in your tummy. Try to be active to stay relieved from pregnancy heartburn. So, include prenatal yoga and meditation as well as acupuncture in your pregnancy exercise routine. As acupuncture is concerned, 2015 research has shown improvement in their appetite and as well as quality of sleep.

Besides this, keep your head raised by keeping some pillows underneath your head while lying down. Some sugarless chewing gum can eradicate your discomfort. Just a spoonful of yogurt before or after every meal can cool down the burning tendency in the stomach and chest. Try and mix water and baking soda and drink a glassful. Additionally, ginger can also be your best friend during this phase of your life.

Well! You can expect the sizzle to subside after you’ve given birth to your baby. But, till such time that you’ve delivered your baby, you might have to depend on simple lifestyle changes.

But, if these natural remedies don’t give you enough relief, consult the doctor immediately.

Overall, since pregnancy is a phase of changes, feeling heartburn is just one of them, accept it and enjoy your pregnancy.