Pregnancy Bone and Joint Pain is Common: Try Out These Remedies

As you embark on your most beautiful journey of pregnancy, you’ll find not everything is beautiful about it. You’ll undergo a lot of physical and emotional upheavals.

With the World Arthritis Day approaching, try out these natural remedies to deal with the bone and joint pain during your pregnancy: 

Get a Warm Water Foot Bath

Put your foot in warm water and add a dash of Epsom salt as well as a pinch of essential oil. Epsom Salt is a good source of sulphate and magnesium. Your skin is going to absorb Epsom salt, and that will help you reduce your pain, and make your tense muscles feel relaxed. Getting a warm foot bath just for 20 minutes is enough.

Use a Belly Band

With the progression of your pregnancy at every trimester, the foetus develops and exerts pressure on the expanding uterus. As a result of this, you’ll feel intense abdominal, back, or hip pain in your body. Wearing a belly band can ease the pain a little.

Get a Prenatal Massage

Nurturing another life inside you is really hard work. It can take a toll on your entire body. While your body is trying to adjust to the changes your little one is going through inside, you’ll feel the pain in the pelvis region, legs, groins, spine, and back. How bout getting a prenatal massage? A prenatal massage (like a foot, back, and shoulder rub) with pregnancy-safe essential oils can reduce your body pain and reduce stretch marks. Take the help of an expert while getting the massage done.

Try Out a Few Herbal Supplements

Turmeric or flaxseed are natural supplements with anti-inflammatory properties in them. Why not make your favourite regular milk tea with a dash of turmeric in it? It would be a wonderful cure for your pregnancy joint pain. Drinking herbal tea can also be a natural pain-relieving way out for you if you have high blood pressure or hypertension during pregnancy or heart or kidney disease (along with body pain) that can also be managed with these herbal supplements.

Try a Hot and Cold Compress

Take a hot pack with a drop or two of essential oils. Gently apply it to the joints and bones of your body. Follow it up with a cold compress immediately after the hot pack. This will not take more than 20 minutes. This is an unusual kind of first aid for your joints. You’ll notice a remarkable relief from joint pain over time.

Make You Sleeping Comfortable

When a tingling or numbness near your joints, or a sharp pain in the spine or lower back disturbs you during your pregnancy, you may feel deprived of your sleep. Changing sides while you’re sleeping and sleeping with a pregnancy pillow between your legs may not just make you feel comfortable, but also help relieve pain noticeably.

Stay Active

Since pain is common during your pregnancy, experts will always suggest prenatal yoga poses, swimming, and prenatal Pilates and Kegels. Moreover, staying active during pregnancy can keep your muscles strong, and reduce joint and bone pain.

While bone and joint pain is quite common during your pregnancy, you’d still have to consult your healthcare provider if you feel the pain is intense and is preventing you from doing your daily activities.

Otherwise, since visiting the healthcare practitioner is the norm during your pregnancy, if you seek remedies for your aches and cramps across your body, your doctor will come out with pleasing solutions for them. After all, despite the pregnancy pain challenges, embracing motherhood is a magical phase in your life. Enjoy it to the fullest!