Nine Things That a Pregnant Woman must Know about the Last Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing feeling for a woman. This phase starts from the fertilization of a sperm and an ovum throughout the process of development of the baby. Most of the women narrates that feeling of becoming pregnant is very extraordinary. They seem to have higher levels of energy; their hair seems shining and their skin starts to glow. Here you will get to know about nine pregnancy tips:

  1. Do not try to bend over and pick up anything from the floor because although you are able to bend up still you will have to struggle to become straight up again. If anything falls on the floor may become hazardous for you.
  2. The duration of the pregnancy in its last stages seems to become slow as it approaches towards the due date. Then suddenly when it arrives the 35th week you may feel that the time has been stopped.
  3. During the third trimester you become uncomfortable due to a continuous urge of urination which results in sleepless nights and makes you uncomfortable.
  4. The little baby rests its foot in the lower rib cage of mother and will poke you until it makes you feel discomfort. Despite shifting of the positions or massaging the area the discomfort will remain the same.
  5. During the last week of pregnancy, you may feel that every part of your body has become swollen. This happens due to the filling of extra fluids in different part especially the leg which may feel heavy to you.
  6. During the last month of pregnancy, everything becomes uncomfortable whether it is in the case of sleeping, walking, wearing a dress, sneezing or any other works become too much uncomfortable as well as intolerable throughout the day.
  7. When you are pregnant it becomes very irritating whenever anyone comments on your size, due date, sex of the foetus and provide advice about the labour.
  8. While your due date gets near doctor advices to check about the early signs of labour and with every twinge or pain you start to look and make sure whether your waters have started leaking or not.
  9. While approaching towards the due date it becomes very mesmerizing to feel the movement of the baby inside the belly. In addition, the feeling of the rolling baby becomes fascinating who is eager to come out of the mother’s womb.

These nine months of pregnancy is the most precious time for any couple and also a crucial period where a mother must take proper care about the health of her own and her baby. This will help in the appropriate growth of the baby and also the baby will remain healthy after birth.

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