Know About Different Types of Pain of Pregnancy

Each and every people have different kinds of pain but the pain a pregnant woman feel is somewhat different from the others.

So it is very important to know about different types of pain during your 9 months of pregnancy that can become helpful for you.

Abdominal (stomach) pain

It may be alarming, but during pregnancy it is quite common to experience such pain and aches in the stomach. If you’re healthy and haven’t done any heavy work then there is nothing to worry about pain.

Pregnancy puts extra pressure on the muscles, bones and arteries of the lower part of the body that can discomfort your stomach. Your ligaments are also stretched throughout your pregnancy to help the increasing uterus (womb).

Back and pubic pain

Backache is a usual side-effect of pregnancy in which most of the mum-to-be experiences some extent of pain.

If you are overweight or if it is your first pregnancy then you will most probably have back pain.

Injury, stressful work, or even poor way of sleeping for too long all can trigger any type of pain any time. It is generally triggered by stressing ligaments, discs, bones and joints.

Pelvic girdle pain is a particular pregnancy-related pain. It is also called sacroiliac articular pain. On the back of the pelvis the sacroiliac joint can become an area of problem that causes leg pain or pain in the joints.

A tiny proportion of pregnant women might suffer from the pain of sciatica caused due to inflammation of sciatic nerve which runs from the pelvis through the legs to the foot of both the legs. The growing baby may somehow put pressure on the sciatic nerve results in the pain of Sciatica.

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy can trigger severe cramps with tenderness, which generally begins on one side of the abdomen and extends throughout the abdomen. This causes when the fetus begins developing outside the uterus. This type of pain is accompanied by loss of blood. This type of ectopic pregnancy can be diagnosed between 5th – 10th weeks of pregnancy. If you are suspecting that you are suffering from ectopic pregnancy then immediately call your doctor or visit you gynecologist.

Miscarriage and early labor

A miscarriage in between 12th and 24th week causes severe abdominal pain. Also those women, who are going through premature labour before 37th week, will also feel pelvic pain along with backache, diarrhea and mild cramps.

Post week 37 every pregnant women feeling cramps mean that you are going to have your labour. However these cramps are less painful than the actual pain of contractions during labour.

Visit your doctor

You must keep in mind that every abdominal pain is not related to pregnancy. However it might be caused from kidney stones, ovarian cyst, infection of gall bladder or urinary tract infection.

So before getting any into any type of conclusion let your doctor examine your pain and then they will tell you the reason of occurrence of the pain. Hence it is advisable that if your are getting pain which is accompanied by vomiting, fever, diarrhea or bleeding then do not delay immediately visit your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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